Essay writing can be difficult for many students. It requires good writing skills and the ability of critical thinking. At the same time, an essay is one of the main final assignments. It shows a student’s knowledge and analysis skills. For this reason, it is important to write a quality essay on the topic provided. How should I do my essays to get a high mark? Sometimes, your professor may give you a task to write a paper about a person. Let’s look at who you get to describe in your paper.

  1. A famous person

In your essay, you can set an example of a famous person. A known individual can represent common thoughts on the topic. You can describe their biography and the actions that made them popular. Another option is to use their character traits as an example for your arguments.

  1. Your family member

Family members are those people who you see every day. So, you understand them best and can analyze their actions and abilities. You know a lot of cases with your family members. So, you can dedicate the essay to them. At the same time, mind your topic and why you are writing the essay. Your family member or your friend should present the topic without being the main point in it.

  1. A literature character

If you need to analyze some fiction, you can choose to write about a literary character. To do this, find a character that best represents the topic. Their character and actions need to prove your opinion on the matter and serve as an example. You can also briefly describe the background of the book. The historical époque and events should also correspond to your viewpoint.

  1. A person from the instructions

In most cases, your professor will write what person you need to analyze. Sometimes, they can advise you on whom to write about. In this case, you should also find appropriate literature about them. Cite the literature to show that your opinion is credible.

Tips for Writing an Essay

No matter which person you choose for your essay, quality is important. You may think about what to start with. But first, you need to understand what your essay should look like. For this, you should look through the common tips for essay writing:

  1. Create an outline

To make the writing process easier, you can separate the essay into blocks. You can follow a typical essay structure and shortly describe each paragraph. The structure depends on the type of essay you should write. You should look through the instructions to find it. Yet, in most cases, an essay contains the introduction, body, and conclusion.

The introduction paragraph briefly describes what you will write about later. It also shows the background of your study and presents a thesis. The thesis statement is one sentence that presents your opinion on the topic. Then, in the body section, you will prove the thesis. You should provide several arguments that support your point. Then, use two to three examples for each of the arguments. In the conclusion section, you should sum up the writing and state future recommendations.

  1. Make sure your paper is original

When writing urgent essays, students may try creating them as fast as they can. So, they can use material from other sources without analyzing them. Yet, some cases can cause plagiarism in your essay. A writer needs to make sure there are no plagiarized sentences in a paper. Otherwise, you can get a bad mark or a zero mark. To avoid plagiarism, you need to analyze the authors’ statements without copying them.

You can also use online services to check your paper for plagiarism. On such a website, you should paste your written text. They will analyze each sentence and highlight plagiarized ones. You will also see the source of plagiarism and its percentage. If some sentences are not original, try to paraphrase them. You can also remove them and replace them with other information.

  1. Do research

There is no option to write a good essay without paying attention to the content. Before you start writing, look carefully through the instructions. Think about the questions you need to address and write them down on paper. Then, it is important to conduct deep research. Look for credible sources on the internet to help you. You may find popular authors who speak on your topic. A good essay includes one or several literature sources. But remember to provide only credible references. You can find reliable sources on such websites as Google Scholar. This service also provides ready citations to make the formatting easier.

  1. Address a writing service

If you have serious difficulties with writing, you can ask for help. There are a lot of helpful writing services that can create an essay for you. So, you will always find someone who can write a high-quality essay. A great advantage of writing services is that they hire professionals. This means that you will not only ask someone to help you. You will get a well-written paper with a scholarly opinion.

A custom essay service will approach your needs individually. With the experts, you can be sure that the paper is 100% original. The writers directly follow your professor’s instructions. They have a degree in the field you write about. What is more, the experts have years of experience in essay writing. This means that you get the best mark for sure.

If there are some mistakes in the paper, you can get free corrections. You will still get the paper in time. The reason is that the experts start writing immediately after you pay the order. They deliver each essay long before the deadline. So, you can ask your professor to check the paper first. Then, you can send it back to the writer for corrections. Another option is to ask them to add a new section, but you should pay for the service.