If you are here, then you already have a clear vision and plan for your business. So it would help if you had a crew of professionals to execute this plan. Suppose you are a startup entrepreneur that wants to launch, or you are a manager of an established company that wants to expand to new horizons. In that case, a dedicated development team will help you fulfill your wishes and plans. 

You will learn what is a dedicated software development team and how to hire one. We will see this in the context of outsourcing and offshoring. We will also see which aspects you must keep in mind before hiring dedicated software teams to have the greatest and most significant benefits and how to get the most out of the experience.

Why dedicated development team?

It is tough to find qualified professionals in the IT sector. Those who are trained already have many projects and are fully booked. If you get a slot in their time for your project, this might come at a meager cost. How can a company accomplish its development goals without going off its budget? 

The most appropriate solution seems exactly to hire a team of developers that will achieve this for you.

What exactly is this thing – a dedicated development team?

You get such a team through offshoring or outsourcing. They are usually employed long-term, and they become well-versed in the company’s specifics, character, and vision. This team is very similar to the in-house development team. But not the same. You do not make a contract with each one of the team members. You hire the agency that is managing the team. This means you do not have to deal with tax, the hiring process, sick or vacation leaves, etc. This model saves time and resources for many startups or companies that search for affordable solutions. 

A dedicated development team means that you get a complete set of specialists. This includes not only front-end back end and full-stack IT, specialists. It also includes professionals that create the user interface and experience. Not only that. Some experts oversee the business aspect of your product or service and the management side. It depends on your project.

Dedicated does not mean that all this set of experts works only on your projects. This might be possible if you have enough work to keep them busy full time. But in most cases, they manage several projects simultaneously as a team. They join forces to make things happen for you. This is very convenient. If your project is small, it will help you save money and start moving in your field. 

Why hiring a software development team is beneficial  

Cost efficiency

As we already mentioned, this is a very affordable option. You can hire a dedicated development team through outsourcing or offshoring, and this will help you reach your goals and, at the same time, remain within your budget. 

See your project take flight.

With a dedicated development team, you can see things moving fast for your company. You go past the hassle of hiring and managing many team members. This means that you immediately get the wheels turned for you by a crew of experts to whom you can delegate the tasks that will start your project or your company. Many startups could launch innovative products through an outsourced or offshoring dedicated development team.

You get timely updates.

Your team’s top priority is your priority. You get updates on the progress and the completion of each milestone of your project. You have clarity on how much it remains to reach your goal.

Established processes ensure stability and speed.

With a dedicated team, you rely on a set of experienced professionals. They oversee the processes and allow you to have the security that your project is in good hands. This excellent management ensures that things happen fast and smoothly. You do not have to be on the constant watch over the team. You can use your time and resources to further your business goals in marketing or creativity.

What do before and during hiring your team?

You need to have a clear vision and requirements. Your team needs proper guidance and instructions to execute the project. This can be helpful to achieve clarity on what you want. So, make good communication your top priority.

This starts from the beginning of the relationship. Interview the outsourcing or offshoring agency and examine their past projects and portfolio. You can also ask to talk with each developer of the team individually to make sure they are qualified and know what you want. You need to specify also how you wish to be updated and how to communicate with the team regularly. If you invest some time in establishing a good foundation, this will save you a lot of headaches later on. 

What to keep in mind before hiring your software development team?

Here are some indications that can keep you out of trouble:

  • Establish a shared understanding of the process and what are your obligations and your agency’s duties as well.
  • Know what is up in the market – you must be aware of the industry and what is up in terms of best practices so you can check if your team complies with that.
  • Signing an NDA is very important as you work with sensitive data and intellectual property. 
  • Select a suitable team for your project – a group can be well-versed in some processes while having limited experience in another field. Make sure your product or project suits the competency of your team.
  • Select a clear and straightforward contract – include all aspects that matter to you and your business, such as payments, periods, rates, discounts, and warranty conditions.

In Conclusion:

This article provides some tools and tips to use on the go. However, take your time and dive deeper into every aspect. Brainstorm with your team and other stakeholders ideas on the subject. With a dedicated development team you have a powerful tool for your company to flourish and achieve high results! So use it wisely and start progressing!