While some issues to do with the Cisco networks may be resolved remotely, field support will always be required. This is where physical installation, maintenance, configuration, as well as support of the existing certbolt related hardware require personnel on the ground. Thus, it’s necessary for professionals aspiring to work in the field as engineers to know what skills they should target and how to go about it.

This post covers the variety of skills to gain from the Cisco 500-174 evaluation. First, we’ll begin with a summary of the test.

Cisco 500-174 Test Summary

The certbolt exam measures how well field engineers comprehend issues pertaining to FlexPod systems. It explores matters regarding the solution, including configuring its parts and being aware of how to maintain and troubleshoot them within a practical multi-hypervisor network. Additionally, the test looks to establish if a test-taker knows how FlexPod fits into a data center’s infrastructure.

For the 500-174 evaluation, there will be 45-55 questions that ensure for 1 hour. It costs $300 and is administered in English. You’ll qualify for the Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Implementation and Administration Specialist certification on passing it.

Skills to Gain from the Cisco 500-174 Test

Job recruiters always seek to choose the best person for the job at hand. If you wish to become that applicant, it’s best to consistently demonstrate your superiority in your skills as well as resume. That’s how you’re going to be hired. Field engineers will benefit from the certbolt  test by gaining the following skills:

  • Information gathering regarding FlexPod solutions

Being knowledgeable in the field you’re pursuing is important. The 500-174 test assists you learn more about the main components of FlexPod. This includes network, compute, and storage. Also, you’ll discover about the components of Cisco UCS, including fabric interconnects and servers.

  • Designing FlexPod

You’ll come across the skills on how to design certbolt  while studying for the 500-174 test. This includes which storage components are used, the supported network switches, and the UCS servers used.

  • Configuring FlexPod

Configuring FlexPod is an essential skill that every field engineer working with the solution must have. This captures installing and configuring the various FlexPod components, describing the initialization of the Fabric Interconnect, configuring networks within UCS, among others. The 500-174 test is important in mastering these critical areas.

  • Administering FlexPod

Field engineers must know how to administer certbolt . They’ll learn to do this through the 500-174 test. Under this critical skill, candidates for the test will come to know how to work within the solution’s best practices. They’ll also come to know of applications for FlexPod management and installing and upgrading FlexPod.

  • Troubleshooting FlexPod

The 500-174 test assists you gain skills in basic troubleshooting of the FlexPod solution. This covers boot problems, network problems, and iSCSI IQN targets among others.

Conclusion If you’re seeking to work as a field engineer offering expertise in Cisco-based FlexPod solution, then pursuing the  certbolt  is the proper way to go. You’ll gain immense skills in a variety of areas regarding the solution. This includes designing, configuring, administering, and troubleshooting it. So, start your journey towards a career of your choice by taking the test soon!