Curated links are also known as niche edits. These links are used by SEO professionals as a powerful digital marketing tool. As you know, guest posting is the simple way to get the backlinks but curating link building is another way to increase authority, power, and relevance to the target audience.

In this article, we are going to discuss everything about curated links for SEO. We will focus on the working and acquiring of those links and discuss how they are helping in the digital marketing game.

What is Curated Links

Simply, curated links are contextual backlinks that are placed into an existing relevant blog post that already exists. In other words, put the links into those blogs or articles that are already indexed by Google. Buy curated links for SEO is the best strategy to get more presence in a short time.

As you know, backlinks are so crucial for search engine ranking. Backlinks are votes by high authority websites which increase your website rankings on the search engines. The main goal of an SEO professional is to build or acquire high-quality backlinks from authority and relevant websites. Buy Curated Backlinks For SEO

Features of Curated Links

There are following some features of the curated links

  • A curated link is always inserted into a mature article that already exists and has relevancy and authority
  • The site already has a backlink profile
  • Desired content is already written. You just need to search for a suitable place for the anchor text. You have the quality content and the website is already on the high rank but you just narrow down your niche and place it in the written content.
  • Curated links are cheap as compared to backlinks. The reason is that in the backlinks you have to write the whole blog or article for the publisher’s website then you can get the backlinks. But in this case, you just select your niche blog and can get a curated link at an affordable price. 
  • Curated links are easy to use. To some extent. You can say, they are friendly links to get more presence and traffic within a short time.

What Should Consider Before Using Curated Links

  • You should always buy links from high-authority websites. If you don’t consider the authority of a website and just buy multiple links, they couldn’t help you in ranking on search engines
  • Make sure that the websites for which you are going to buy links are relevant to your niche. Relevancy of website matters. For example, if you have a sports website, you have to buy links only from the other sports websites
  • You should expand your link portfolio. For example, if you are in the sports niche, you should buy the links from multiple sports websites. Avoid buying all links from the same websites if you want to increase your traffic across the globe
  • Stop buying if you see a red flag on the websites from which you are going to buy curated links

Examine Trust Element

To buy the links is very risky for both providers and buyers. The reason is that both websites can be penalized by Google on the following ground

  • If the selling website is not an authority website and selling links, it could be penalized
  • If Google penalized the seller’s website, the links on your website also will be removed by Google, and ultimately you will lose traffic

Keep in mind, always buy from a trustworthy and high-authority website.

Benefits of Curated Links

There are various benefits of the curated links that other link-building couldn’t provide. Let’s discuss for the better understanding

They are Faster

Curated links are easy to get and faster as compared to traditional links. The reason is that you can easily pick your desired websites from which you want to get the links. You can find multiple high-quality websites which are providing curated links. Besides that, you can avoid creating the whole content as you do in guest posting for backlinks.


As you know, when going for the traditional links, you have to pay a lot of money for that. Because publishers demand a good sum of money. But if you choose the curated links, you can get them at affordable prices.

You Can Save Time

Competition is very high in digital marketing. If you don’t do things on time, you could lose the opportunities. Many competitors are already in the link-building game.

On the other hand, traditional link building is a time-consuming and hectic process. Sometimes, you have to wait for a couple of months for desired results. But if you buy the links from other websites, you can get an immediate and positive result. For example, if a popular event in the world is just coming and you need high traffic on your webpage, you can opt for this option.

High-Quality Links

For instance, if you build the links manually, there is always the possibility to get the links that sometimes have no importance to you. But you are compelled to get it anyway. You can lose a lot of money if you don’t get the right links. Sometimes, the quality of the links varies and you have to put them into your content.

But when you buy links, you only choose those websites of your desires which you understand could be good for you in near future. Besides that, these websites provide quality and relevant links according to your niche.

No Need to Hire In-House Staff

Additional staff costs you high. For instance, if your business is small, you couldn’t extra staff only for link building. This is more expensive than buying links, that is a good time for you to buy the links for your website.  you can hire an outsource link-building agency that will work from a remote location. In this way, you can avoid additional expenses.


To sum up, the curated link is the best SEO strategy for your website. Remember, always buy only quality links from multiple relevant websites according to your niche. If you are interested to buy the curated links, you should hire a professional who can provide good advice and work for you effectively and