Links and content are the two main factors that affect your rankings. By now, every business knows that content is king. But as more sites compete for the top spots in search results, many companies also decide to use some of their budgets for buying backlinks. Getting links from websites with high domain authority (DA) might be one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve traffic and search rankings.  

Yet, there is a dark side to buying links for SEO. Google clearly warns against it and gives out repercussions for it. Besides, links from spammy sites or any dubious source can also get you a penalty from Google. This will result in lower search rankings and affect the overall trustworthiness of your site. So should you still be using paid links? This article will help you find the answers you’ve been looking for. 

Paid Links vs. Organic Links: What’s the Difference?

Google Search accounts for 93% of all web traffic, and the pages appearing on the first page of search results get the most clicks. Every company has a different approach to pushing its website to the top. Businesses might get an in-house link builder, work with freelancers, or use professional platforms to buy backlinks, such as The cost of paid links might vary anywhere from a few dollars up to thousands. 

Organic links, on the other hand, focus on using natural link-building methods to boost search engine rankings. The idea is to use technical SEO combined with high-value content to improve web visibility, thereby increasing traffic. This usually requires a good grasp of how search engines work. Besides, you have to understand how to analyze your competitors’ profiles and the overall industry trends to craft an effective strategy. 

Is It Safe to Buy Backlinks Online?

For those who buy backlinks, often the main benefit is quick or almost instant results. Plus, there is no need to waste time with trial and error of different link-building strategies. Instead, you can outsource the whole process and focus on running other essential tasks for your business. And depending on what industry you are working in, buying backlinks might be the only way to get outbound links. These niches are often referred to as the unlinkable ones. For example, insurance companies or casinos. If you decide to buy backlinks, how can you do it safely?

Safe Ways to Buy SEO Backlinks

People can only link to your content if they can find it. So how do you improve your website visibility? One of the options is to get high-quality backlinks from relevant sites in your niche. There are many agencies that can simplify the process for you. With the right strategy, it can work for any budget, even if you’re a small business or freelancer hoping to land more clients.

For this to work, you must only use an agency that uses white-hat link-building techniques. Their main goal is to undertake the task on your behalf, including doing outreaches and guest blogging. Besides, since they do it daily, they already have connections with high-quality, relevant sites across diverse niches and industries. In short, the safest way to buy SEO backlinks is through manual outreach or working with a white-hat agency.

Link-Building Techniques: Alternatives to Paying for Links

Paying for links is one of many ways to create a diverse backlinks portfolio and boost your search rankings. You can use several link-building methods, such as:

#1 Focusing More on Strategic Organic Link Building 

Organic link building costs nothing and delivers benefits that compound over time. How to get backlinks naturally? You can try guest posting on high-quality sites in your industry. Take advantage of the many tools and platforms for blog posting available on the internet. This requires you to research and do outreach, which is time-consuming but well worth your effort and investment. Another good option is creating original, first-class content that everyone will want to link to. Using linkable assets like case studies, infographics, and illustrations will boost your results.

#2 Finding Backlink Opportunities by Monitoring Your Competitors

This is an essential aspect of competitor analysis for SEO. It gives you the data you need to outrank your competitors in search results. Many sources like this one recommend keeping track of any Google search changes using your SEO tools. Track where your competitors get their high-quality links from and reach out to those websites. Before you do this, ensure you also have valuable content worth linking to. Monitoring your competition works only if you are willing to collaborate with others.

#3 Get Help From a White-Hat SEO Agency

Organic links enhance credibility more than buying links. This is because they fit right into the context of the article while providing additional resources for the audience. A white-hat SEO agency understands this and also knows how to build links within Google-approved guidelines. Working with them takes the stress off your shoulders, especially if you are new to SEO or have too many projects on your hands. The good thing about working with professionals is that you can also learn some useful tricks from them. 


Buying backlinks is a controversial topic amongst many SEO experts. Yet many freelancers and clients still choose this option for its effectiveness and convenience. You can review the tips in this article to get inspiration on building your own backlinks and identifying white-hat services that help people buy SEO backlinks. Ultimately, boosting your rankings without high-quality backlinks is hard, so it isn’t something you should ignore.

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