If you want to become a freelance software engineer, one of the things to consider is which programming language to learn. You should be familiar with languages that will allow you to find enough opportunities and be successful in your freelancing career.

Programming languages are the foundation for careers in software engineering. So, the more languages you know, the more opportunities will open up for you. Experts predict that software engineering jobs will increase in the next few years as more and more companies are in dire need of hiring them. Therefore, it’s time for software engineers to learn new programming languages.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best programming languages for freelance software engineers.

  1. Java   

Java ranks among the most used computer programming languages, along with Ruby, SQL, and Python. Thus, software engineers should be proficient in any of these languages, especially Java, since it has reliable security protocols. Java, created in 1995 by Sun Microsystems, is a popular computer programming language known for its fast processing and user-friendly nature. It’s widely used for software, apps, and games, and it works well on mobile devices and computers.

Java is a concurrent, object-oriented, and class-based programming language based on the syntax of C and C++. Many large corporations rely on Java to develop and support their products worldwide. By learning Java, software engineers will have more access to job opportunities globally.

Surveys show that Java is ranked as the most widely used programming language among software engineers because they find it reliable, safe, and design-friendly. Many software engineers learn to code using Java since there is an increasing demand for this computer language. Java allows programmers to develop desktop GUIs and desktop and mobile applications. In addition, Java is much easier to master than other in-demand computer programming languages like C++.

Integrated with a high level of security, Java is a reliable and object-oriented programming language that works well on various operating systems. Freelance software engineers developing apps prefer Java since it has the features they need, such as ease of use and robustness.

  1. Python           

Python is among those computer programming languages that excel in software development. Therefore, freelance software engineers should learn it. Software engineers prefer it for many reasons. Aside from its readability and simplicity, it has a vast library ecosystem that enables rapid prototyping and provides versatile applications.

As a popular open-source software development language, Python offers enhanced process control capabilities. Software engineers can use it to develop complex network applications while maintaining a straightforward syntax. Popular platforms like Instagram, Google, Reddit, and Spotify use Python.

Despite being a high-level development language, Python is easy to learn and simple to write in. Plus, its emphasis on code readability, reusability, and use of white space makes it an ideal choice for complex and simple applications.

Python is perfect for those who want to learn an easy computer language. It can assist freelance software engineers in jumpstarting their careers since it’s in English. Plus, they can use Python for various projects, from GUIs to web and software development.

  1. C++

If you’re a freelance software engineer looking for jobs in C++, the C++ programming language is something you need to learn. It’s a widely used language for developing applications, browsers, and software. In addition, C++ is highly reliable in developing operating systems, with most operating systems built using C++, such as Windows and Mac OS.

Knowing C++ can open you up to numerous job opportunities since many companies prefer it due to its efficiency. It’s an advanced language that supports several programming methods, like functional and object-oriented programming.

C++ is well-suited for big projects, which makes it even more ideal for software development. Big projects like game development, cloud storage systems, compilers, and graphic design use C++. In addition, many software and applications people use daily are developed using C++, such as Spotify, a music streaming platform.

The massive community support of CC++ means it’s more flexible and easier to learn. Community plays a significant role when learning a new language. If you need help or guidance on C++, community members are there to lend a hand.

  1. Ruby  

Ruby is an excellent language for developing desktop applications, data processing services, and static websites. As more and more companies recognise the many things that Ruby can offer, there is an increasing demand for software developers who are well-versed in this computer programming language. Therefore, freelance software engineers should consider learning Ruby to get access to more career opportunities.

Ruby’s flexibility and simplicity in different software development projects make it a cost-effective alternative to other computer programming languages, and this is essential for freelancers working on constrained budgets and ideas that require complex structures and functionalities.

Another good thing about Ruby is it’s versatile and customisable, allowing users to change their aspects by removing or adding modes in embedded classes. As a result, software engineers can easily format Ruby to meet their needs and operate efficiently.

For software engineers planning to go freelancing, learning Ruby offers you a profitable way to acquire new projects. Once you become proficient, it will be easier for you to work on many different projects.

  1. JavaScript     

JavaScript is among the most popular programming languages software engineers should know, including those freelancing. It has numerous uses, spanning far beyond the typical software engineering roles.

As a scripting language, JavaScript uses interpreters to translate commands. Most programmers use it to make websites interactive, although it functions as an all-purpose programming language nowadays.

Software engineering roles are in high demand. However, those with skills in JavaScript have more opportunities and a higher chance of bagging many projects. Many opportunities await those who are proficient in the JavaScript language. Another reason to learn JavaScript is that the demand for those with JavaScript skills outweighs the available job opportunities.

JavaScript experts are not only in high demand – they also earn well. As a freelancer, you can expect projects involving JavaScript to cost more. Of course, that will depend on several factors, such as your location and experience. Nevertheless, the earning potential is higher if you are skilled in JavaScript.