5 Tips on Becoming a Great Freelance Writer

For any freelancer, there are characteristics in their work that separates them from being good and great. Writing can be become difficult because just like any other skill it takes practice. Freelance writing is more than just sitting in front of a computer and typing. Naturally we are trained throughout school to create writing materials to please your instructor. For a freelancer, it is more about knowing your targeted audience. With more than one critic evaluating your work, it can be the difference between someone buying a product or even getting hired again. In the freelance writing sector, it’s important to get it right the first time. Here are some tips on how to become a GREAT freelance writer.

  1. Passion

All occupations require some sort of passion to be successful. There are roughly four different types of freelance writing you can do.

  • Blogger – Companies have realized the importance of having a blog section on their websites. These blogs need to be updated frequently with valuable content. Although demanding, it can be a steady paycheck if you find a site that you are passionate about.
  • Forum Moderator – This can also be a steady paycheck for a freelancer to make. As a moderator you will be answering questions and managing the forum section of a website. This type of freelancing requires the skill to deal with people frequently. If you are skilled in this area, then this type of freelancing may be for you.
  • Article Writer – An expert writer in Search Engine Optimization would benefit from writing articles for company websites. Again, finding a company that you can relate to may make this more of a hobby then a job.
  • Ghostwriter – A writer who write articles, books, or other works and someone else gets the official credit for it. This may be good if getting your name out there is not that important, but you are good at selling someone/something.

All in all, finding what kind of writer you are good at can help narrow down finding your passion in that field. It makes writing for long hours more enjoyable!

  1. Style of Writing

After finding your niche, brand your style. Based on previous work feedback, find what makes your writing readable. You will find that within your passion you can build a name for yourself. For example, a former dietitian would be best at writing nutritional blog posts. Practicing only that will make him/her well known, so that others (companies/bloggers) will seek out for their work. Rejection is going to happen but being persistent is key.

  1. Time Management

Time management as a freelancer is very important! A lot of freelancers come into the profession thinking that they won’t be working a 9-5 anymore, but that is far from the truth. As a writer, depending on your number of clients, working more than eight hours may become the norm. Following through with seeking your passion could make all those hours more enjoyable. Clients love freelancers who are disciplined in their time management skills!

  1. Fluency

Grammar, spelling, writing flow, and more are very important in writing. Take the time to obtain these skills to become a better writer. Read and study other professional writers to find good examples of good writing fluency. Looking into what client(s) find acceptable in the past can also separate you from being mediocre to exceptional.

  1. Research, Research, and More Research

In the freelancing world you will always do research on your writing material. The extent of your research can separate you from other freelancers. It allows your work to be more knowledgeable about the topic at hand. There is no downfall to research!

Hope these tips help bring your freelancing writing career to the next level.  To find freelance writing jobs visit FreelancingGig.com.