Doing freelance work as a designer can be very stressful. The best way to earn revenue is to pick a specific field to go into. A User Interface (UI) designer works on the look and feel of website and applications. In other words they are in charge of customer analysis, branding development, graphic development, design research and user guidelines. All these play a major role when designing software for computers, home appliances, mobile devices, and other electronic devices. Like all freelancers, UI designers must work hard to obtain and maintain their clients. Here are some tips on how to be a great UI designer.

  1. Failure

Being proficient at designing means that not all your projects will go well. Disappointment is bound to happen when you begin so do not take it personal. Learning how to take constructive criticism can help further you along in your career. As a UI designer you will create many interfaces before one actually becomes live. The best thing to do is take the criticism and better your work.

  1. Small Details

The best UI designer pays attention to every detail in their designs. The eye to find the most little problem sets you apart from other interfaces. You want to be the type of UI designer that companies come to you to find others flaws. With practice this can be obtained. Ask yourself why for decisions that you make. It could eliminate unnecessary items in your design. Again, take the opinions of others as learning points to gain a more precise eye.

  1. Free Means Experience

In the world of designing there is no substitute for experience. Therefore you must actually do work to gain practice. Doing free work allows you to practice your craft. Companies will most likely not turn down free work. The worst they can do is tell you they will not accept what you have created. The benefit of this is the feedback they will give the designer. Over time this will build your portfolio to become stronger.

  1. Practice

Producing free work does allow you adequate practice. UI designs can be very hard to learn but here are things to master to make sure you are getting higher paying jobs.

  • Know you audience – This is an important skill to learn in all design freelance jobs. Doing a little bit of research on your audience can aid in creating the perfect interface
  • Understand how UI plays into UX – User experience (UX) design gives you the bigger picture in a project design. A UI design stems from the overall UX design. Overall it is to improve customer satisfaction through the ease of use and the pleasure it provides in the interface of the product.
  • Consistency is key – Every job is a future referral to another. Give good customer service.
  • Typography/Color and contrast – Perfect these two skills, so your interface can distinguish you from other designers.
  • PSD Files – Create Photoshop Document templates to make UI designing easier. It saves time and hassle!
  1. Collaborate

UI is one part in creating a design for a customer, and it often takes a team of designers. Remember to consult with the works of other team members if any. It can save you time in fixing mistakes or codes that don’t work together. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work.

Becoming a UI designer takes a lot of work, whether you learned it on your own or had some schooling. Hopefully these tips can help you become a better UI freelance designer. Don’t be afraid to contact the consumer to get a better understanding of the job description. When looking for a UI designer job check out It is a fast and simple way to get hired as a freelancer.