Freelance jobs are appealing to both freelancers and clients using such services. Why? For freelancers a lifestyle of working from anywhere in the world without geographical limitations as well as doing so according to your schedule is something workers in offices can only dream of. For the client, freelancing offers an opportunity to hire services with no long-term commitment with an employee. It is a preferred low cost engagement for high-end clients, start-ups and solopreneurs. For remote workers however, how to get top freelance jobs is a continuing challenge. How can a freelance worker achieve this?

Getting a top freelancing job is dependent on the freelancer’s basic qualification. A decision to have some training in a specific field can also open up avenues to more lucrative freelance jobs. Still, some sub-niches are more paying than others. For example a general freelance writer may earn enough to sustain him. However, a marketing freelance writer will likely earn better. In marketing, a person specializing in copywriting is in a better position to charge much higher rates. According to Flexjob, a professional job service company, pursuing freelance jobs in the following categories will see you earn more.


If you are a professional in this field or you are willing to train in it you are in a position to land top freelance jobs. The demand for online marketing managers, coordinators, campaign organizers and marketing related online writing are services that companies need on an ongoing basis.

Training Others

Online e-learning is convenient for many people who cannot attend normal classes. Teachers and online tutors can fill this gap as freelancers and conduct classes across continents and different time zones. Course development is another area with top freelance jobs prospects. If you are good at developing text, audio or visual training material, you can become an in-demand freelance worker here.


This is a job that many companies and individuals outsource to remote workers. If you are conversant with the main aspects of accounting such as bookkeeping, auditing and inventory management and others, you have high chances of landing top freelancing jobs in this niche.

Website Development

The demand for good web developers is always high. Companies and individuals want professionals in this field to maintain their websites, create tools for them and offer other forms of online technical support for their clients and the company as well.

Business Project Managers

These are an important link between clients and businesses. Companies want a person to monitor and ensure project are completed within the agreed terms and period.


Many insurance-related services can be done by freelancers. These include insurance building inspection, business inspections, risk assessment and relevant report writing. As a freelancer in this niche, you can land multiple top jobs and do them according to your own schedule without the limitation of a fulltime occupation.

Social Media Expert

Businesses have discovered the power of social media presence. It is a challenge for many to keep their platforms updated and so they gladly outsource this service. If you can keep the audience engaged through effective copy, then this is a viable field for you with prospects for ongoing top freelancing jobs.