Let us try to understand this topic on why do you need a content writer, how do you find one and how to hire a perfect content writer. We will also see the basic skills required in the writer to make your life easy while outsourcing this task.

Why do you need a Content Writer?

You have to determine your exact need of a content writer. Do you have your business and want to promote it? Are you a Digital Marketing Agency who need to promote their client’s business? Most important thing is your exact understanding of the need of creating content and reason for publishing it. Once you have this clarity, you can start your search for the online writer who is looking for freelance writing jobs. The common reason for requiring a content writer is ‘business growth’ by attracting more people to your website to avail your services or buy your products.

Different types of Content Writers

A content writer is a common phrase used for anyone who is writing on the internet, but there are a few differences you need to consider before hiring one. The creative content writers are writing articles on topics of social interest or for people with specific interest and do not need any reference sites or material. Story writing and writing your perspective on a particular situation are good examples of this type of work.

The ‘content writers’ term, in general, is used for people who write Articles, Blogs and website content on various topics by researching over the internet. They now all write SEO optimised content as that is a prime objective for publishing content on the internet. You will see people using the term copywriter also interchangeably, but it is accurate for people who write more on business promotion side, advertise content, press releases, etc. Some writers can work in cross content writing styles.

Knowing your content writer’s background, skills and type of writing he/she is good at is an advantage. You can assign the right type of work to the right content writers.

Content Writer Skills:

Content writers are asked to write on various topics, and they do not necessarily know the topic before writing. When the writer is comfortable in accepting a particular work, there is a research associated with it and then the content from other articles, blogs need to be read, and he/she should start writing their content.

List of Skills and Traits of a Content Writer:

  • Able to work independently and should keep asking questions throughout the day
  • Should be able to do internet research and find information related to the topic
  • Good English writing skills, good vocabulary and good knowledge of Grammar
  • Should be able to divide a topic into different sections/ sub-headings (especially for long articles)
  • Should create a unique and interesting content
  • Understanding of basics of Search Engine Optimisation is must
  • Should be able to fit in the keywords in the content without making it odd to read
  • Must keep the commitments of delivering the work (which applies to any freelancing work)
  • The writer should have an interest in writing on the topic for expecting best content on that topic.

How to find a Good Content Writer?

As you are aware, the best places to find a content writer are the freelance websites, where there are Employers and contractors/freelancers. It is very easy to start a project and ask people to bid. You also have the website in between to take care of the process, communication and payment guarantee.

Discussions Forums, asking friends, Facebook groups are other ways to search for people but don’t get surprised if you can’t find good leads through these channels. The providers and customers meeting on common platforms are good places to search the freelancers.

The Hiring Process

The freelance jobs online are supported by multiple aggregators, and these sites make it easy for you to hire someone quickly. The bidding process is transparent, and the work-streams are nothing but dynamic contracts. The job providers are asked to deposit a certain amount, and job seekers can ask for milestone based, task-based or hourly payments.

Hiring through other sources will always have a risk on both sides, and trust is a major factor when you are not going to a trusted website which acts as a mediator and also interfere in disputes to some extent.

What Information should you provide to the Content Writer?

  • If you expect the writer to write promotional content about your business, you have to provide him/her with your website or a write-up with details about your business.
  • You should be very clear about the number of words to be written in the content along with specific keywords you want to target in the article/blog. Never forget to add a time frame unless you have a daily/weekly schedule already finalised.
  • Telling the tone of the article is also critical and is mainly related to either informative or promotional. In many cases, you can also specify that the informative article will have some promotional content at the end of your business.
  • Mentioning any specific requirements is For example, the use of ‘American’ or ‘UK’ English, using only positive tone about a business or service, etc.
  • Do not assume that the content writer is a master of all subjects and providing some specific links related to the topic is always good. The writer will make sure to read that content first and incorporate the key findings from that post/site.

Cost, Quality, and Schedule:

Like any other project, you need to see the charges, quality of work and timely submissions as the three main parameters in getting the freelance writer. It applies to all freelance jobs and definitely to the content writers also.


With the high boom of internet and multiple freelancing sites, it is easy to find the right freelancers from any corner of the world. There are few freelancers who are professionals and know their job well. Working with them is always good, and you can find good freelance content writers if you approach them rightly and build the trust.

Kitty Gupta