For many people, thinking of the highest paying freelance jobs in the United States brings to their mind working remotely online. While this type of occupation is ideal and appealing, some of the most lucrative jobs for freelancers are available offline. However, working online is still superior in one aspect – that your services are not restricted to physical geographical locations or interfered with by different time zones. Now to the best paid jobs for freelancers in the U.S.

Online Jobs

Computer technology

Many services can be offered through the internet. Among the top on the list here are various computer technology related services. This includes information and communication technology (ICT) and computer science specialists. Apps developers, website creators and internet security specialists can all earn high pays and do most of their jobs remotely.

Online content writers

Blog writing, website content writing is a great way of earning online. Although some clients and agencies pay at very low rates, there are others that pay top dollar for these services. Rates of $0.5-$1 per word are not uncommon for established freelance writers working for heavily invested industries such as finance.

Certain writing niches pay highly compared to others. Marketing and copywriting in particular pay better than general content writing. Even in this niche, certain industries are better than others. For example, writing for the wellness industry (medical, pharmaceutical, alternative medicine and nutrition) is likely to earn you more than in other persuasive writing categories.

Offline Highest Paying Freelancing Jobs in the U.S.

Real Estate Legal Specialist

Creating legally binding content for various persons involved in this industry pay highly. Every person in the deal needs to be protected and in the complex legal world, only an intellectual property legal specialist can assure this.

Patent Lawyers

Patent registration and protection needs lawyers well versed in this matter. Poor management of such intellectual property can lead to losing patent right to innovations that can earn trillions for others for decades to come. For these reason legal specialists in this niche easily earn over a hundred dollars per hour.

Dental Specialists

A dental specialist doesn’t necessarily need to be employed or be in private practice. In the U.S, nearly 40% of specialists in this field work as freelancers and earn nearly $150K per year.

Medical Specialists

About a quarter of the U.S health professionals are working as freelancers. Some specialties are more suited for this type of jobs than others. These include:

  • This is a specialist of foot related disorders and their management.
  • Clinical psychologists for example can offer their services outside formal employment or private practice.
  • These professionals specialize in disorders of the muscles and bone alignment. Poor alignment in these structures contributes to a host of health signs and symptoms.
  • Management consultants. Government agencies and corporate bodies regularly hire private managers and CEOs for part time services. Some of these professionals earn lower to mid six figures per year as freelancers in these capacities.

While professionals in these fields earn highly, there are many more fields where you can earn a full time salary. Some of these don’t even require certification for you to earn well. Consider this: if you learn and refine social media and offer services to clients who need to keep their online social media platform updated, you can easily reach six figures. With just five clients and each paying you $2000 per month, you are already there.

Highest paying freelancing jobs in the U.S depend on possessing the right skills and working with the right client.