Blogging can be an important way to land clients who can change your life financially.  Attracting the right clients will motivate you to keep doing and improving in doing what you love through your blog. But how do you write blog post after blog post that keep attracting the right clients?

Blog posts that attract clients

A good blog post is one which will make the visitor take a certain desired step. Such posts have certain things in common. They include those discussed below.

They have a specifically targeted audience

These blog posts identify a specific group and in a conversational voice address their needs and wants. For example they don’t merely address adults but women of a certain age and with specific needs.  In this way the reader feels ‘this is for me’ and is more likely to take action either through a comment, share or purchase.

They are written clearly

They are written in good grammar and spelling. The language is conversational and simple enough so that the reader doesn’t usually need a dictionary nearby to keep checking difficult words.

They use searchable and attractive titles and headings

Through the title alone, the reader has an idea of what the blogpost is all about. Her mind is prepared and willing to learn more. Instead of mindlessly going through the post, she will actually study it and even bookmark it to come for more later.

They are clear on the reader benefits

Even if they don’t state it openly, human beings always wonder about how they stand to benefit in whatever action they take. It may be ‘selfishness’ on our side but it works well in successful blog posts. They give an answer to that ‘what is in it for me’ desire by offering something for the reader. Great content is probably the greatest benefit the visitor will go away with but a free report or an EBook (even if as short as 5 pages) fills this human desire and can be a magnet for clients.

They are written with SEO in mind

The title, subheadings and the body of blog posts that attract clients are written for the search engine bots without ignoring the human reader. Writing for the search engines means that there is a specific keyword and its related words sprinkled in the heading, subheading and the body. These mean that this blog posts are searchable and can be ranked by Google and other search engines.

They are evergreen

Although blog posts are like periodicals, good ones do not fade with the coming of the next post. The content is so good that it continues appearing in search engines many days after it is published. Its relevance is perpetual and comments and sharing continue endlessly.

Freelancer blog posts that attract clients achieve two things, they make satisfied readers and they create a foundation for your business success.