Amazon Redshift, an amazing service part of the larger cloud computing platform Amazon web services. This service is built by Massive parallel processing (MPP) data –warehouse company ParAccel. In a technological world, a data warehouse is a system helps in data analysis. Reporting data and consider as a core mechanism of business intelligence. Redshift is the most futuristic services for every enterprise which changing the accessibility of computer in the modern business world. It stores current and history of company data over the cloud and that use in developing analytical reports for an enterprise system. You can make your business model merge with the Amazon web service and should uplift your business to another level of transforming business world. For developing your Amazon Redshift, you can find freelancer service provider over the internet can submit your project to experience something easier open system process.

Using this fantastic web service – the Amazon Redshift API, the enterprise can access to 2TB of storage. And on the other hand, they can opt for a crowd together of 16 2TB high storage nodes (XL), or 16YB storage eight extra large (8XL) NODES.

FOLLOWING ARE THE Discussion regarding advantages and disadvantages of Amazon Redshift:

Pros feature of Amazon web service- Redshift:

  • Massive Database

The strong and imperative feature is its enormous database whenever you needed. Moreover without going through an expensive and slow procurement process in obtaining the hardware and software issue you can have great speed to access your data from the cloud and thus it considered as the best merit of the Amazon Redshift.

  • Backing up

Amazon Redshift consistently makes backup of your files, data, and recovers from getting Corrupt or from failures. Following are the subtask driven by Amazon Redshift like:

  • Helps in recovery data continuously and helps in automatic recovery from failures of nodes and drives.
  • Assist in backup to a reason for disaster recovery.
  • Able to restore various data depends on from different regions.
  • Free snapshot on Amazon S3
  • Beyond Petabyte

You can access and handle massive databases beyond the Petabyte range. You can easily process your business works smoothly, and it will give you the best user experience because of its several distinctive features from other competitors.

  • Saves Money

It is Well, formatted system integration process from Amazon web services which gives you tremendous positive experiences and does not need your hardware and software installation cost. Thus it saves your money and makes it more preferable for every business owner. The usability of these services is very apt and flexible for user and takes it more reliable to provide information and store data from unauthorized access. The quality speed of this service makes it recommendable and thus helps in reducing unnecessary cost of installing software and hardware for making business over the cloud.

  • Fasten Business Operation

Whole operating any business operation the  accessibility with fast experience makes any services right and acceptable likewise the Amazon web services- Redshift makes it more reliable and recommendable t every business owner to go with this option and makes it a Mass choice. It delivers fast business process in minimum time consuming process.

  • Built-in admin dashboard supportive feature
  • It takes no manual, automatic option; it is automated maintenance & upgrades enable database system.
  • The quicker processing speed makes it accurate for developing your business, internal works fast and thus results in low cost and high productivity.

Cons feature of Amazon web service- Redshift:

  • Outage Possibility

When we talk about the advantages of this fantastic web services, certain things we need to know like its other disadvantage like there are the possibility of data a revealing condition which arises by internal data warehouse is not stable or up all the time, some failure of the internal data makes it publically to the people and leads to negative impact on cloud computing.

  • Higher Cost Possibility

Manu the organization found that cost saving with cloud computing and cloud hosted database such as Redshift may result in higher money or expenditure which is due to exceeding the limit and cost of an on-ground database.

  • Because of Redshift sharing device feature one query sometimes get slow down the whole cluster.
  • Require Huge Bandwidth

The cost for data migration and integration of your business data in many ways results into the huge amount of bandwidth to transmit data from internal system to the cloud hosted Amazon Redshift.

Following is the chart showing Common customer use cases:

  1. Traditional enterprise data warehouse
  • Helps in reducing costs by extending data warehouse
  • Transfer completely from existing data warehouse systems
  • Quick respond
  1. Companies with big database
  • Improve companies performance
  • Delivers more data in analysis other data
  • Access business information via standard tools
  1. SaaS companies
  • Helps in adding analytical functionality to apps
  • Data warehouse scale increases as demand grows
  • Helps in reducing SW & HW costs


When we perceive the merits and demerits of same Amazon Redshift, here is the conclusion and a logical view- we can go with this fantastic data web services from Amazon which offers several demerits but it has more pros which expound that it will be beneficial for your business to make it more challenging and competitive in the world of modern technology. The usability of this service will definitely boom your company daily operations and save your time to deal with all the Computer system integration with cloud services.  It will also lead to changing the era of not using software and hardware from your system where as using the system directly From the cloud. The best part of this amazing Redshift is its technological process results into saving money and time.

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Kitty Gupta