Neo4j is an open-source graph database implemented in Java and Scala. The development starting from 2003 but it is launch in the market 2007. Today Neo4j has used thousands of companies and organization in all industries. Neo4j is used to store and handle highly connected data models. With a flexible data model, you can represent variable structured information without loss of richness. Use cases in Neo4j include software research, routing, and project management, and social network. Neo4j provide the database characteristics including ACID transaction compliance including runtime failover, cluster support as are these making it suitable to use graph data in a live scenario. Find freelancers to get started using this database.

What is Graph database?

A Graph database is a database that stores related data. It is an online database management system with creating read update delete operations working on graph data model. In a graph, database relationship takes priority in a graph database. In graph database data model is more significantly simpler and expensive than those of relational or other NoSQL database.

The Graph database is for OLTP systems engineered with transactional integrity and operational availability in mind. For graph database that embraces relationship as a core aspect of its data models and can store, process and query connection efficiently. Graph database is readily available for any join like navigation operation. It allows you to traverse millions of connections per second per core. Graph database excels at managing highly connected data and complex queries.

Graph model seems familiar if you have worked with an object model or an entity relationship diagram. Graph-connected with a node which can hold any number of attributes. Nodes represent different role in their domain, and it can be tagged. Label attaches metadata constraint information to certain nodes. The relationship shows a connection between two node- entities. Same as node relationship has a property such as a cost, weights, distances, time intervals, and strengths. Two nodes can share any number or any relationships without sacrificing performance, and directed relationship can always get navigated regardless of direction.

Neo4j Basics:

The concept of computer starts with to manage data. The emergence of relation database is since 1970 for managing the data. After three decades, the data management view changed and relational data management is dominating the data management view when data has grown on the internet. For managing a large volume of data that means megabytes of data to petabytes of data we need a new approach to handling such a large volume data. SQL is a structured query language without using of naming convention the new technology far more than we could with a relational database. NoSQL database has general categories like Graph database such as Neo4j and orientDB and Key stores such as Memcached and Redies. Column oriented databases such as HBase and Cassandra are also available. Document oriented databases are like MangoDB and CouchDB.

The biggest problem with a relational database with object-oriented programming is about relational database representing entities and relationship. You need to consider how object-oriented programming language represents objects including problem like polymorphism and inheritance. Neo4j explores the gap between relational databases and object-oriented programming model is far more natural for object-oriented programmers. You can’t delete a node without deleting associated relationship. You can also assume that an existing relationship will never point to a non existing end point.

Edition of Neo4j:

Neo4j is free fully ACID transactional and high-performance open source community edition.  Community edition includes all the functionality. It includes Labelled property graph model, Native graph processing, and graph query language Cypher. The Enterprises edition supports all community support, but it also includes unlimited graph size, database storage reallocation, and cipher query tracing. Hire freelancers online for such open source technologies.

Neo4j Server:

You can download Neo4j and install it on any operating systems. The Neo4j is the bundle of interactive, web-based database interface bound. To start is to use Neo4j database browser and to execute your graph queries in workbench like fashion. Results are given in intuitive graph visualization or as easy to read exportable table. The distant Neo4j server accessed via Cypher HTTP API directly or many available language drivers. To access Neo4j internal database engine directly with or without network overhead you have to write Neo4j server extension. For high-performance special cases, you can write Neo4j server extension in any JVM language.

Features of Neo4j:

  • Neo4j follows property graph data models
  • Neo4j support UNIQUE constraints
  • Proper time travel relationship in the graph in both cases such as depth and breadth to an efficient representation of nodes and relationship
  • All relationship in Neo4j is important and fast, making it possible to materialize and use new relationships later on to shortcut and domain data to speed up when new data arises
  • Neo4j support indexes by using Apache Lucence
  • It contains User Interface to execute the CQL commands: Neo4j data browser
  • It supports Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability (ACID) rule
  • Neo4j uses Native graph storage with Native graph processing Engine
  • Neo4j support Java application by using Java Cypher API and native Java API
  • It supports exporting of query data to XLS and JSON format
  • To access any programming language like java, spring, and scale Neo4j provide reset API
  • To access any UI MVC framework like Node JS it provides JavaScript

Advantage of NEO4j:

  • Neo4j uses a simple and powerful database.
  • Neo4j uses semi-structured data very easily.
  • It represents connected data easily.
  • The CQL query language commands in Neo4j are the inhumane readable format and very easy to learn.
  • It is faster to traversal/navigation of more connected data.
  • Instead of using complex joins to retrieve connected data, it is very easy to retrieve an adjacent node or relationship details without joins or indexes.


Neo4j is an open source graph database. This article gives information regarding Neo4j and its advantages, features, and edition of Neo4j. It also explains the question how graph database is better than a relational databased. It is extremely difficult to find employees for such advanced new technologies, but you can find freelancers from trusted sources.

Kitty Gupta