If you have curiosity in creating computer programs, software, and mobile apps first you have to know how to do coding. You have to do coding by learning a programming language. Many of the beginners have a question on how to learn a programming language and which is the best language of programming. There lot of way to learn a programming language such as books, watching online tutorials and by joining classes. Hire freelancers online who have at least basic knowledge of programming.

Programming is the set of instruction that is computer follows. You can write these instructions in different languages which are used to create different programs. Before teaching the language chooses that language which feels you relevant. If while teaching the language you are not feeling relevant you move on a new language. If you want to work as the programmer, you should learn more than one programming languages to keep yourself flexible. You can always start with easy things and can work later on more complex things as you continue learning and reading about your new programming language. Once you start to learn your programming language, you may want to learn the second language based on the first language. If you started with Java, you may learn Python as the next language.

Learn through books:

All of us know single book give a lot of knowledge. You think that the textbooks are outdated but many of the latest books have new techniques, so understand the value of books. Many of eBooks are available which you can download freely. On every single topic, you can get an excellent coding book. Make sure that the information you are getting is from a trustworthy source. The only disadvantage of learning from the book is that it is not updated if any changes are required. You can find freelance jobs online from various marketplace websites.

Hands on Exercise:

It is an excellent method if you are practicing coding technique and concept by trying yourself. Learn to code by practicing on coding software and see the output and if an error occurs then learn how to debug that error. If you learn by directly writing a program, it strengthens your skills. It will help you when you are doing a project. You will feel that you will do all things already.  Sometimes you do not understand the concept. Many of don’t know how to write code then that time this process is very frustrating.

Learn Through Video:

Learning through video is another effective way to learn to code. Many of programmer prefer video source for learning programming.  Some of the academies available online provide free tutorial video to learn to code. One should always find freelance jobs online from trusted sources.

Codeacademy: Codeacademy which provide a free coding tutorial in different programming languages, Such as jQuery, PHP, Python, HTML, CSS, Ruby. From last year one milliner’s users learn to code through this Code Academy. It is best for beginners to learn the code.

Codeschool: Codeschool Academy has excellent developers by pairing instruction with high-quality content. Codeschool provides a video tutorial on a different topic such as Ruby, Javascript, iOS, HTML/CSS. Users’ available lot advanced material through experienced coders online. It is the best for the web developers to grow their skillets.

Bento: Bento is the site created by developers at StackOverflow. Bento is the best free site which provides video tutorial, interactive classes. It will link you to free resources logically for beginners.

Treenhouse: Treehouse is an online platform that teaches the student how to create the website or mobile applications using many more programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Java, PHP, JavaScript, objective-C and Ruby. While watching video tutorial also do it yourself which can be very effective. The excellent fact of that site is that any online tutorial video regarding programming language available on that site.

Learn through Text-based tutorials:

Text based tutorial website available when the internet started. Some website is available that provide information step by step, and some simply explain their topics in general. There are a lot of websites available online which guide all kinds of languages. Nowadays it is easy to create a website by studying this tutorial. Be careful some are outdated you shouldn’t follow.

Learn Through Coding Challenge Games:

Code challenge games are one of the types of tutorial available online. Through this way, you learn to code with fun.  It is the best way to learn different techniques of coding by observing different developers method and perspectives and also you can analyse your code with them. But the problem with coding challenge game is that you should have basic knowledge of language also you know the latest update otherwise you do not solve the challenges.

Learn through Joining Classes:

Joining classes or attending workshop it became traditional, but it is an excellent way to learn code who don’t have basic knowledge of languages. Through this way, you discuss your queries with teachers that you don’t do on the internet. You learn coding technique easily through this way. You get a complete guidance on a particular topic through this way. One disadvantage with classes is that if new topics get added in languages, you don’t go back to classes learn that concept.  Hire freelancers online who do the certification of programming languages.

Coding with a project:

Jumping into creating application or website you may be worried initially. If you have little bit knowledge, you can create a website, and with some SQL knowhow, you can get into more details and can also work with database. You can learn more from doing a project than from a tutorial and learning will be more effective. You feel real coding that is not felt while completing any exercise. You don’t do much more unless you have a solid foundation with the languages you are using.

Above article gives you a different way to learn to program. From the various new ways of learning, you can find a method which best suits you. Availability of time, money and resources can be some of the factors to select your style.

Kitty Gupta