As the world is moving towards new online systems in the 21st century, this question is asked very frequently by youngsters. So what is the most demanding programming language of 2017?

Welcome to the other half of 20th decade. In the beginning, it was clear that this will be the world of online & personal computing, which is true. Online banking, apps, online shopping, e-commerce portals, e-learning and many more things already turned our world upside down. So if you are a programmer, you need to stable yourself by choosing the right technology right now, or you can be a victim of atomization or more than 50000 job cuts. PHP has established itself very well in the market, and you can easily get freelance services in this language.

It seems PHP will be the most demanding programming language in the year 2017. Let’s take a look at what PHP can do.


Invented in 1994 by Ramsus Lerdorf to tracking visits to his online resume. Named simply ‘Personal Home Page.’ With time, more and more functions got added to it. It was called PHP Tools. Later Ramsus rewrote PHP Tools producing much larger and useful implementation with features like database interaction, and a framework was also provided to develop web base applications directly. In updates, new supportive things got added later like data base management, MSQL, postgres95 database, cookies, user defined function support and much more. Since then PHP is updated as follows.

June 1998 PHP3

May 2000 PHP4

July 2004 PHP5

PHP share

It’s increasing the share of domains using PHP from 1% in the year 1998 to 10% in same year peak. From this data, you can simply imagine the popularity of this programming language.

Soon online server handlers fall in love with this language, and new giants in software industry started using this language. Facebook, Flipcart, Wikipedia, yahoo, istockphoto, tumblr,, Baidu, LADbibal, Fotolia,, policymantra are some of the famous examples of PHP development.

Use of PHP

You can create a web application by using PHP. Choose a domain name to go to server space provided by your host and start coding. Yes, you can handle everything directly from the server. It keeps data secure as the data is on the server sid. Log-in form any device, and you can access it directly. Do changes as you want and see the results imminently. Once done it will be there until you change it. No need to worry about application size, version, and the device just choose any browser hit the website, and there you go your small world will be there for you. It is always a good idea to find freelancers knowing PHP so that they can work on web and mobile both.

If it’s your Facebook profile, you can imagine how easy it is to manage. Just upload your picture, information, and things you want to share. It will be live people can see it but, cannot change it. So you get to show people what you want and just in few easy steps you can modify it without getting through the overall change process.

When you shop something online the way it shows you products and description is amazing. As you pay bills online, you get the invoice also quickly. On a serious note, GST tax system in India is also using this technology to keep record filing easy. It does not matter that you are using a window platform, Macintosh, android or something else it will work with ease with everything. No need to download the app from the Android store. Just hit the link and use it. Its framework gives it enough flexibility to resize according to any device you use. That’s why it is so popular with touch pad devices.

Seamless use of PHP

No different modification for the different platform just one link and that’s all. New tablets, yoga pads, detachable laptops or giant screen mobiles it woks smoothly on everything. Very useful for people travelling here and there now with this technology you can keep laptop home and just submit or check data on any device from anywhere. Modify it, make reports and submit it directly on the go through live meetings in few seconds. Unlike old system when reports use to be made and filed at the end of the day, now with the on-line reporting, you can create quick reports.

Use of PHP in mobile Apps

You can also this reporting from mobile phones, so even your light weight laptops are heavy in front of this technology. Forget even laptops its pocket friendly, pocket size technology. As a result of CRM, ERP, Billing, POS, Tax filing, Booking, Reporting such serious works are also done by pocket friendly devices on the go. As updates reflect in a few seconds on the live server, it updates all users immediately and keeps everyone on the same page.

It avoids big confusion like double booking, re-entry, and update waiting period is zero. In case you are unable to go online you want to be able to do anything so you can just switch device and continue your work from the same last point where you left it, data loss will be zero in this case, which is a huge benefit for onsite working people and MNCs. Because of this flexibility, you can find freelancers in this technology who are getting plenty of work.

Besides all these, it gives you the freedom to create things as you want UI can be made better as per requirement. Database handling is done directly by users so no need to worry about it. A lot of new portals are developed by developers to make systems faceless, accurate and fast. So if you are a new developer planning to develop something new online you should consider PHP as one of the best, strong and dependable options which will never let you down.

PHP is very versatile making the language very popular. As it is a scripting language, it is easy to understand and interpret for the computers. As PHP is doing a fantastic job of filling the gap between front-end and backend (database), it is the most loved language today by the development community.

Kitty Gupta