Artificial intelligence is an old technology and AI system work similar to the search engine. The term Artificial Intelligence is a technology a way of making a computer, and software thinks intelligently in the similar manner the intelligent human think. AI work similar as for how human brain thinks and how human brain works while solving any problem and outcome of this software is used for developing software and systems. You can hire freelancer online who know these techniques well.

There are many benefits of AI, but in mobile, it can be embedded using Chatbot and in context awareness sensors. Applying AI technology to your mobile app streamline the user’s experience and 70% of the app get abandoned by users within seven days of downloading. The average app performance is better using artificial intelligence. In 2017 making intelligent app will be one of the top ten strategic trends. Now intelligent app will be built into every category of enterprise mobile app. In next year 200 of the largest companies developed intelligent app within next year. Artificial Intelligence study habits through different app and creator are closer to understanding the behaviour of the app through actions like preferences purchase and more.

Learning in details is the subset of machine learning concerned with algorithms inspired by the structure and function of the brain called artificial neural networks. It learns about the users’ behaviour patterns to make the future session modified. In-depth learning architecture has usage in computer vision, speech recognition, and natural language processing where they produced results comparable to and in some cases and superior to a human expert. It relates to study of deep neural networks in the human brain, and under this perspective, it copies the functions of inner layers of the human brain and creating knowledge from multiple layers of information processing.

In the above concept, the machine is skilled using large amounts of data and algorithms to give it the ability to learn how to perform the task. The data entry is into neural networks which ask a series of binary true, false question and according to answer it is classified. Image recognition using deep learning it is the best than human that ranges from cats to recognizing indicators for cancers in blood and tumours in MRI scans. Find freelancers in these areas as you can’t find people with a lot of experience in these latest technologies.

The Apps made using AI

Productivity App:

The Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 are the best examples of productivity app. Productivity apps are employing AI to streamline and create efficiencies. Using this technology you can send auto generated response for an email reply. Using smart reply offering auto-generated responses for emails and that only need a quick response, and more than ten percent of response is sent using smart reply. The office graph system is developed by Microsoft build in AI which gathers data about key interactions between uses and objects. Using this tool user cut through the clutter of information and see the most important and relevant for them.


A chatbot is computer Program that stimulates human conversion or chats through artificial intelligence. Chatbots are a rise in Mobile technology with some wide adoption and start up apps popularly it is also known as messaging app. It is useful in an area like customer support for the technology. It used machine learning algorithms to improve the accuracy of their natural language and voice recognition capability. Chatbot talk through different social media channels such as Messenger, Skype, and Telegram, etc. People spend a lot of time using text service and less time on emails and phone calls. The key benefits of texting are that it does not require the special app and everyone cell phone has already inbuilt with that app. Chatbot can be of two types stateless and stateful. When a new user starts their interaction, then it is known as stateless chatbot. In stateful chatbot is more sophisticated in this past interaction review first and frame new response in context. You can hire freelancer online who know how to create a mobile app using artificial intelligence.

Speech Recognition:

Speech recognition is one of the technologies developed in AI. Speech recognition is the ability to identify words and phrases in machine language and convert them to machine-readable form. This software has a limited vocabulary, and it identifies the words and phrases spoken clearly. When we use artificial intelligence, this system can distinguish the sound signals and neuron network of irregular users. The main intention of neural network study is on solutions of speech recognition tasks finding signals using angular modulation and detection of modulated techniques.

Recommendation Services:

It is the most important application of AI in mobile apps that give any solution. The most of the app fails within a year because the app does not contain the engaging content or the content is not updated frequently. By monitoring the choices of users the learning algorithm makes a recommendation that users are likely to be interested. According to the interest of the customer, you should use the content that is an engaged lot of people to your app.

Automated Reasoning:

When you use artificial intelligence, it is become easy to solve the logical reasoning such as prove a theorem and solve the puzzles games. The application Uber use the automated reasoning that is advantageous to optimise the routes and get riders to their destination faster. The algorithm automatically fetches data from Uber drivers who travelled similar routes and learn from their trip.

Behaviour Pattern:

Most of the software can learn behaviour patterns to make the next session more flawless. Using artificial intelligence detecting fraud for online payment, it is one of the examples of behaviour pattern. The pattern detecting algorithms go through your credit card statements and give a detailed history of your last purchase out of the norm of your behaviour. Find freelancers who have complete knowledge regarding this technology.


In this article, you get information regarding what is artificial intelligence and how it is useful for mobile app creation. You also know about the technology of deep learning, and different application created using this technology. You get detailed knowledge how artificial intelligence work and its uses in daily life using the mobile app.

Kitty Gupta