Crowdfunding is the platform through which you can increase customers, number of members and collective efforts of friend and investors. The platform has three type of roles such as first the project initiator who proposes the idea, second, the group who support the idea and third is an organisation which carries both role for a successful idea. As crowdfunding is the combination of crowdsourcing and alternative finance and in 2015 the idea of crowdfunding explore in the world.  Through crowdfunding platform, you can access to thousands of accredited investors who can see, interact with you, and share your fundraising campaign. Whichever service is in high demand, you can get freelance services for the same.


It is the largest fund raising site and the most popular business sectors like technology, travel, film, and design through which you can raise the capital. The charges of this site depend on what amount you raise from this site. For example, if you raise 20000 money from this site then you have to pay only 5% and 3-5% of credit card processing fees. For women, it is the good choice for business and more than 47% of woman business campaign run on this site. As it is the well-known website and lot of business campaign run on this site, so it is very hard to stand out.


Kickstarter is the campaign for small business which mostly focuses on gaming, art, technology, film, and design. It is the most popular crowdfunding site and many small business owners first raise their fund on Kickstarter before they try for loan and try to raise their venture capital.  It generates over million dollar funding because it has about 50 remarkable successful campaigns. Here you also give 5% from a fund raised and 3 to 5 percent of transaction fees and suppose you do not meet the goals then you have to lose all of the funds.


Crowdfunder is well-known crowdfunding site. The main intention of this site is to help small businesses which find difficult to increase their business. Here you can select your company stage, location, and area of business so it will help easily to grow your venture capital.  The start cost of the campaign is $199 per month.


The main focus of this platform is to increase the venture capital of retailer and consumer product. It is one of the popular for equity crowdfunding and investing. The most of the startup increase their money more than $1 million within 2-3 months. This website charges you fees if you only raise capital with listing on its website from new investors subscribing. If you raise fund here, then you have to pay 5% of the raised fund.  The most popular business sectors are technology, film, art, and design. It handles the closing process for you such as transfer of funds and including escrow.

EquityNet:- It is the established crowdfunding site. The fee of EquityNet is $600 for three months. You can raise capital from $10k to $ 10 million.  This platform has analysis software and business plan, but you can use with a paid subscription to know more about investor and raise capital. Those who use this software raise their capital ten times more. Whichever service is in high demand, you can get freelance services for the same.


It is the well-known platform here you can borrow capital $10k for 36 months, and you don’t have to pay a fee in the US and all world. On this platform, you can show your social capital by getting the loan for another business through multiple friends and family. To apply for a loan on Kiva, you must be 18 years old, and the loan is benefited only for business purpose. Here you get only $10K capital, and for more capital, you have to enrol for another platform


Nowadays RocketHub is the most popular crowdfunding site on the Internet. This platform offers excellent visibility to your business through a business partnership with A&E Project Start-Up. You have to pay 4% cost for a raised campaign, and 8% cost for who don’t meet their goal and credit card processing fee 4%. It is the best site for personal causes, businesses, and good projects.


For personal online fundraising, GoFundMe is the most excellent website. This site is helpful for group, individuals, and organisation to increase money. This platform raises money for paying pet’s medical bills to create the short films. The site is for private and public projects, and you can handle it easily.


In this article, you get information regarding the best crowdfunding site for startup. Crowdfunding is the best platform through which small business owner increase customers, number of members and collective efforts of friends and investors. Through crowdfunding platform, you can access to thousands of accredited investors.

Kitty Gupta