Nowadays software developers use different programming languages. But they choose those programming languages which is faster, smarter programming with fewer bugs. To find out which programming languages will eventually raise to the top of the charts is difficult. Here are some lists of languages that will help you in future for developing a career. Post freelance jobs online in which programming language you are expertise.

The Best Programming Languages for Future are:


For statistical computing, R offers an open source software environment. The scientist and statistician designed the R programming language to make their work easier. This language was developed in 1993 and comes with most standard functions used in data analysis. Many of the most useful statistical algorithms are already available as freely distributed libraries. For working with R programming language, you require two popular front ends that are R studio and R commander that are useful for uploading your data, and you can start your programming. R language has a great storage facility and handles data effectively. R programming language has a suite of operators for calculations on arrays in particular matrices.


TypeScript is a statistically typed language which is quickly growing in coming years. It is a language that compiles to JavaScript. Typescript provides security by adding type to all of the variables. This language is improved and checks bugs in your code. The biggest advantages to software developers through this language are that it provides Frameworks for creating web applications and Angular are in TypeScript. TypeScript is an open source and statistically typed language. TypeScript is useful for large application development, and existing JavaScript programs are also valid TypeScript programs.


Many Apple developers find difficulty in creating the software in objective C, so they created a language that is Swift. It is languages specially develop for Mac or the iPhone. Swift programming language overcomes many difficulties the developer find in Objective C, and now this language allows a developer to create an application easily. It is general purpose multi-paradigm programming language which supports many core concept supported by Objective C programming language. The specification of language is broad, and it is a syntactical cleanup of objective C. Some developers say that to understand this language you require a lot of knowledge, and it is complicated for a team who need to read each other’s code. But now iPhone coders can spin out code as quickly as others.


It is open source programming language, and it is simple to understand than the established languages such as C, C++, and Java. When Google decided to build the language for ease handling of its server, then it created the faster and easier programming language “Go.” The Go programming language has straightforward syntax, no complex abstraction, and clever Meta programming. Go is a dynamically typed language with competence and safety of a statistically typed, and compiled language. This language makes things simple and easier for a team because no one has to worry when someone else digs up a neat plan from the rear reaches of the language specification.


Kotlin is the statically-typed programming language which runs on Java Virtual machine and compiled to JavaScript source code. It is easy to understand programming language because through this language you can choose any Java IDE or build it from the command line. It is language created by Russian software industry, and now JetBrains use it on Uber and Cousera.  It is secure language because it avoids entire classes of errors such as null pointer exceptions. Post freelance jobs online in this sector.


Rust is the programming language developed by Mozilla Rust 1.0 in 2014. It is the general purpose language to create a secure and fast application. It is language similar to C and C++. The main intention of Mozilla to develop language was the performance, memory safety, and parallelisation. By creating a language from scratch and incorporating elements from modern programming language the designed language overcome the drawbacks of other languages. It performs the high level of safety checks and memory management decision at compile time, so your program’s runtime isn’t impacted.


Haskell is the purely functional based advanced programming language and good language for programmers to begin. This language is there since the year 1990. It is a language used for major projects at companies like Facebook and even Google. It has a wide range of packages available on public package server so developing an application in this language becomes easier. You can find freelance services in this programming language.


In this article, you get the information regarding the best programming languages for future. There are different languages available in the market so deciding which language is best becomes difficult to anyone but by reading this article, you get some idea regarding the future demand languages.