There are many popular multinational companies in the world that most of the people know about which have billion dollar valuation. But most of them have issued shares to the public by getting listed on the stock exchanges. Therefore, we cannot call them purely private companies anymore. On the other hand, a unicorn is a startup company that has a valuation of over $1 billion, and it is still fully privately held. The unicorn startups list is very popular in the corporate world and every quarter, new unicorn companies are included in the list as soon as they cross $1 billion mark. Today, we are going to look at the billion-dollar startups that are included in the list this year so far and take a sneak peek at the major companies already there.

Former Popular Unicorns –

There are so many new startup companies include annually, but at the same time, a lot of companies go public and get removed from the list. Some of the popular former unicorns are Facebook, Alibaba, Spotify, Shopify, Twitter, Square, Snap Inc, LinkedIn, Skype, WhatsApp, GoPro, and much more. Some of them were acquired by publicly held companies, and hence, they were removed from the list.

The Popular Unicorns Present In The List –

The Unicorn Startups List is dominated by US and Chinese companies. The list is led by Ant Financial which is one of the most valuable companies in the world. It is a Chinese company, and the last updated valuation is 150 billion dollars. The second to the list is Uber with 62.5 billion dollars. The next four spots are taken by four Chinese companies namely Didi Chuxing, Xiaomi, Aliyun, and Meituan-Dianping. Then comes two one of the most popular companies currently and they are Airbnb and SpaceX with 30 and 24 billion dollars valuation.

The ninth position goes to Tencent Music which is an associate company of the parent company Tencent. Tencent is among the most valuable companies in the world, and it competes with Facebook, Google, and other tech companies with a wide base in China. The tenth position goes to the Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart. Among the other popular companies present in the list are Pinterest, DJI, Paytm from India, Grab from Singapore, Hulu, Ali Music, Meizu, Ola Cabs from India, GitHub, Reddit, Quora, BlaBlaCar from France, and much more.

The New Unicorns Joined the List In 2018 –

The companies worldwide are growing so fast that in no time, the companies are crossing the billion-dollar mark in a few years. All it takes is to have an idea that can change the life and the rest is up to the advertisement and the investors to fund the idea to reach the peak. The following is the list of companies the joined Unicorn Startups List.

PolicyBazzar – The company is from India and belongs to the Fintech that makes money through affiliation in most of the cases. It is having compare sites to compare financial products like insurance, fixed deposits and likewise.

Canva – If you love to edit photos online and create stunning images online without using Photoshop, Canva is the name you must have come across. It is an Australian company, and their graphic designing platform is widely used by professionals, and it allows easy collaboration to work as a team.

Swiggy – It is a food delivery company from India, and people get to order food from the nearby restaurants and get it delivered at home. In today’s busy lifestyle and getting the lowest price guarantee and comparing different restaurant are all that make the product popular even though it had a slow start.

Dataminr – Business intelligence and analytics are one of the most popular and essential parameters for the growth of any business. This company from the US is riding the wave.

From the United States, we have several new companies namely Tradeshift, Bird Rides, Babytree, Circle Internet Financial, Soundbound, Revolut, Discord, Intercom, Tempus Labs which is in robotic process automation, UiPath, Doordash, and MedMen which is cannabis industry.

From China, we have new Unicorn companies namely Meicai, Caocao, EasyHome, 17zuoya, Manbang Group, Ding Xiang Yuan, Yitu Technology, Uniquedu Corporation,  Jolly IT, Hellobike, Luckin Coffee. Hellobike is the next big thing for the Asian market where bikes are widely used. With the rise of the traffic on the roads, riding a bike and going to the destination has become very popular in China.

Apart from dominating US and China, there have several entrees from different countries. OrCam technologies which is a consumer electronics company from Israel make into the list. NuCom Group from German, Nubank from Brazil, Atom Bank from the United Kingdom, Preferred Networks from Japan, Taxify from Estonia, Gett from Israel, OutSystems from Portugal, and Celonis from Germany all make into the list this year.

It is clear that the on-demand service providing companies are on the rise along with analytics and fintech companies.