WebAssembly is a web standard which is designed to enable executing code for running faster. It is also designed to complement JavaScript and speed up the performance of web applications. Moreover, it is going to help developers develop web applications in languages other than JavaScript. There are many who fear that WebAssembly is created to replace JavaScript in the long run. It is developed by the engineers from Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla. In short, it is an efficient format that is suitable for web compilation.

All You Need To Know About WebAssembly or WASM –

Everyone is curious to know whether WASM is going to kill JavaScript or not. The reason is that JavaScript is at its peak right now and there are many who are totally dependent on it. Well, the official website of WebAssembly says that the product is developed not to replace but to complement JavaScript. While it may not absolutely kill JavaScript, it is certainly going to change the front-end part of the web development. Even though it is too early to predict how the change is going to come, but with the rise in popularity of WASM and big companies backing it up, it is sure to change the way of web development in the future.

Feature Of WebAssembly –

Linguistic Diversity – The reason why WASM will surely lessen the popularity of JavaScript is that it diversifies the languages used for building front-end web development. Therefore, the current monopoly of JavaScript will be over in the near future. There are many developers who are willing to develop the front-end with languages of their choices. As a matter of fact, WASM supports 20 different languages now, and the major ones out of them are Rust, C/C++, .Net, Java, Python, Go and others.

There is no doubt that Java and Python developers would prefer front-end development with respective languages than JavaScript. They will find working with frameworks more comfortable, and the server side languages will definitely come up with frameworks for the ease of the developers. As a matter of fact, there are already some frameworks available like Yew for Rust and Humble for Go for working with WASM.

Fast Web Applications – WASM is designed to boost the performance and hence if the developers can get to run the web applications faster, why would they go for JavaScript? It overcomes the biggest bottlenecks that JavaScript has. It takes minimal time for initial loading. As a matter of fact, there can be 3 times improvement in the load time if WASM is used. The improvement is even better for large documents.

Aside from loading time, the runtime performance has also improved even though it is not as dramatic as loading time improvement. To be specific, some of the large projects have seen 30% improvement in run-time. However, there is truth in the statement that WebAssembly is likely to complement JavaScript for the time being as Ember.js is looking for WASM implementation. The aim is to make the dynamic website perform as good as a static website.

Parallelism – Since the development and commercialization of multicore processors, it has been established that to boost the speed and performance, one needs to make use of the multiple cores. Lin Clark of Mozilla stated that JavaScript is basically a single-threaded language while WASM was aimed to be a multi-threaded language. There is no confirmation that it is truly a multicore-based tool or not, but there is surely some parallelism in it to achieve the speed it is striving for. To back this up, the support for Rust and Go is an indication of WASM using parallelism. Rust and Go are known for their parallelism and developers are more inclined to developing parallel applications.

What The Future Holds?

WebAssembly is the better version of JavaScript. Since JavaScript is so popular and there are many bottleneck areas to address. Since WASM has already addressed all those issues and there are more than web developers can get in terms of freedom and performance. This is exactly why its popularity is on the rise, and the future looks bright. The main reason for the brightness is the backup from Google and Apple Microsoft which are the three biggest companies in the world. Besides, Mozilla is also behind it which is a dominator in the web world.

But there is still a long way to go to convince the corporate world and the complete web development community to give it a thumb up and really start using it on web development projects. Along with JavaScript, you should give it a try and know all about it because it is the sole competitor of JavaScript at present. It is not that JavaScript never faced any competition before, but it has come out as a winner all the time with even better features. Therefore, even though the future is bright, there is some skepticism as JavaScript will do anything to keep its market share intact