It is better to constantly test your skills in your computer programming world. There is no better way to do so than taking part in the popular coding challenges held on many popular websites. When you take part in these challenges, you will understand where you stand with your skills, where you need to improve and most importantly, you will get used to the competitiveness in the programming world. Moreover, it lets to use multiple programming languages you have learned and put them into practice.

Most of the people get a shock when they get in their job lives because the coding in the software industry is heaven and hell different than what you do in your college days. The following is the list of the 10 most popular coding challenge websites in 2019. You should bookmark them and take part in the challenges as often as you can.

  1. GeeksForGeeks

It is the best coding challenge website for the programmers as it contains articles, explanations, and solutions to the problems for a better understanding of the beginners. Starting from simple topics to advanced ones, everything is minutely covered, and they have online editors to write your solution. The editors support multiple programming languages.

  1. HackerRank

It is the most popular coding challenge websites, especially among advanced programmers. Even professionals take part in these challenges when they have time because the contests are world-class. There are basic challenges also available for the amateur programmers. The challenges cater to a lot of skills that are important in the corporate world. It includes algorithms, mathematics, database coding, functional programming, AI and various such topics of importance.

Apart from these, there are company sponsored challenges, and you can get hired if you top the leaderboard. There are solutions also available, and you get to understand how the problem needed to be approached to solve it faster.

  1. CodeChef

It is one of the most popular coding challenge websites, and there are hundreds of challenges lined up for you. Besides, you get to write the code directly on their online editor, and there are different categories of challenges available based on the skill level. The community is very large, and you can get various tips and tricks that will sharpen your skill set.

  1. CoderByte

This website is suitable for beginner to intermediate programmers. There are online editors available to solve the challenges. There is no dearth of challenges, and there are 10 different programming languages available. Moreover, there are official solutions provided along with user solutions. You can also check out the interview prep challenges, and the website also has courses to sharpen your skills.

  1. CodeWars

Just like CodeByte, it is also suitable for beginners to intermediate coders. There is a large collection of challenges, and you can solve them online directly in their editor. There are over 20 programming languages to choose from. You can also view the discussion on each challenge to get hints. Besides, you also get ranked and earn points to climb up further.

  1. CodeFights

This is a unique platform where you have to challenge the bot to compete with. Basically, there are the usual challenges you get in most of the coding challenge websites. Instead of competing with other users passively, you got to compete with active bots. Therefore, it is more interactive and interesting.

  1. TopCoder

This is slightly advanced a website for coding challenge. It has algorithmic challenges which are highly useful for the coders who are aspiring to get a job. You can try out the past challenges as well as the ongoing challenges that are available for a specific period of time. There are many sponsored challenges also available, and the winners get money for writing the best solution.

  1. CodingGame

This is an interesting coding challenge website where you actually play a game while coding. Therefore, coding will be a fun activity, and the overall user interface is smooth and attractive. It is suitable for beginners who are looking for fun ways to test their skills and coding with ease.

  1. LeetCode

This is for the intermediate to advanced programmers. It is the best place for algorithmic challenges. It covers a wide area of data structure and therefore, you can easily be a top performer in the company you get a job in. Moreover, the challenges are great for technical interviews. They also have a mock interview section.

  1. Project Euler

The website is for advanced programmers, but beginners must also watch it out. It infuses critical thinking and problem-solving behavior in the coders. Therefore, it is a must-try website as you will get the feeling of working in the corporate community.

You should try out all the websites listed above to select the best one you like the most as per your skill level. Do take some time out regularly to take part in the challenges and try to solve as many as you can. You should also check out the solutions to understand the most effective solutions.

Kitty Gupta