People with DevOps skills are in demand these days. This is because DevOps engineers are more profitable for any business. According to statistics, a company with DevOps engineers can deploy code 30 times more frequently, and that too with 50% less of deploy fails. In fact, the demand for DevOps is doubling every year on online job sites like Indeed and even LinkedIn. The word DevOps is the short form of Development and Operations. So, a DevOps engineer takes responsibility for the development as well as deployment and other associated process.

Understanding DevOps –

There are different departments in IT companies such as development, operation, support and on top of that, management. The concept of DevOps is to integrate all these processes to increase productivity and enhance workflow smoothly. Therefore, the product can be launched faster without any need for wasting time to sync everything in the departments as the same team is involved in every department starting from development, deployment, and future updates.

After the pandemic especially, many companies want to hire a cloud engineer. Cloud computing and cloud storage gradually became huge in the market. Goodbye to offline storage, and welcome careers in cloud development. 

A DevOps engineer is basically a multi-tasker. His role varies from coding, integrating different modules of a project which is the role of a team leader, testing the modules which is the job of a tester, deploying the product or software which is the role of deployment team and much more. At any given time, he can do anything that is required to speed up the process of development as well as associated operations. They are mostly system administrator with skills in leadership, business management, organization of resources, configuration of systems, automation, operations and most importantly, development.

Career Path Of A DevOps Engineer –

Education – To be a DevOps Engineer, one needs a bachelor’sdegree in computer science most preferably. Something related to the companywill also do. A background in data center migration is beneficial. One can do acrash course in that to strength the CV. Besides, there is DevOps Engineercertification available which is given by Amazon Web Services. It is somethingthat will highlight your CV the most and land you the highest paying job in theDevOps Engineer post. To get the certification, one needs to through anexamination where the subjects covered are operation, provisioning, maintenanceof distributed applications. There are various courses and trainings availableonline as well as offline.

Skills – First of all an aspiring DevOps Engineer needs to aquality software developer. Unless you are a developer, you will never be aDevOps Engineer. You should be able to design and develop applications. When itcomes to development, you need to know the popular programming languages likeJava and Python. Besides, you should have a practical idea about MicrosoftServer, Linux, Apache, Bash, and networking.

Moreover, the analytical abilities are a must for a DevOps Engineer. This particular skill will help them to evaluate application requirements, performance and determining improvement required. Apart from that, they should also have problem-solving abilities as they will come across many scenarios during development and testing to correct the bugs. On top of that, the communication skill needs to be perfect to train juniors and work well with colleagues of all skill level. There are various online courses available to understand the concept and strive for it.

In the current scenario, some of the technologies to know are Cloud computing, Scripting, and Configuration management. Along with that, the knowledge of open source technology is extremely important. You do not have to be a student to start your aspiration to be a DevOps Engineer. Anyone who is already working as a junior developer or as a permanent employee of a tech company can pursue it. Any developer gets enough time to start learning the details of DevOps and take courses to get all the skill sets to strive for DevOps Engineer. You can get a better job in MNC companies, and it will accelerate the career growth.

Salary –

According to Glassdoor, the median base salary of DevOps Engineer is $105,000 in the US. The salary varies according to the geographical location. It is the highest in Silicon Valley where it is around $170,000 according to Indeed. Therefore, it can be around $100,000 to $175,000 depending on where you are taking the job and your experience and post you are fulfilling.

The rise of DevOps concept and Engineers started from 2012 to 2013. Even since then the demand for the engineers is on the rise, and it is not yet near its peak. Most of the tech companies are looking for DevOps engineers and experts starting from PayPal, Uber to ADP, eBay, and GE. A DevOps engineer can also apply for various other posts like application developer, software engineer, security engineer, software tester, system administrator, integration specialist and likewise. The possibilities are limitless, and the demand for DevOps engineers is only going to rise massively.