Python is the most buzzing programming language, and it is safe to say that Python has made lives of the new programmers easy. There is no doubt that Python is simple to learn and code than rest of the popular programming languages before that. But this does not mean that Python is limited. In fact, it is vaster than most of the programming languages before it and therefore, the day in the life of a Python programmer depends on what he is doing using Python. Starting from basic programming for back-end development and admin task to product development, automation, and data science applications, Python is fully equipped for traditional to advanced development.

A Beginner In Python Programming –

As stated earlier, Python is one of the easiest languages to learn. As a beginner, if you have learnt any other programming language like Java beforehand, a day in your life as a Python programmer is going to be excited. As a beginner, there is a lot of scope, and the libraries of Python are unlimited. You can experiment with the vast number of modules. Besides, you can take up interesting tasks and challenges and try to crack them with different approaches that the regular ones. As a beginner, you should try out almost everything there is to try and hone your programming skills to be ready for the corporate world and be a leader in your organization as far as Python programming goes.

A Freelancer In Python Programming –

A day in the life of a Python programmer as a freelancer can be both good and bad. Any development in Python programming is rather easy. There are large communities available where you could find solutions to the issues you are facing. A typical good day is when you can do coding in Python as per the plan and accomplish he modules and milestones as decided before in the project planning stage.

A typical bad day is when you have to search through the Python forums and communities to the problems which have halted the progress. It could be a frustrating day as some of the solutions you get in the community are not working. You might have tried the best of you to solve it. You might have also tried various modifications of the so-called solutions you get on the forums. The progress will be slow and the tension to reach the deadline rises up.

The ugly part is that you are going to face a few situations in your daily life when your client will want massive changes. This means that you would have to rethink and some hundreds of lines of codes will go in waste those you have written before. This is a setback and to avoid such, one needs to keep the client on the same page all the time.

A Hired Software Engineer in Python Programming –

If you are working in a tech company as a programmer in Python, things can be boring at times and even frustrating just like a freelance Python programmer. It depends on your post. As a beginner in the company, it could be as exciting as a freelancer programmer. However, the excitement level is due to finishing up the assignments easily. But you are going to be bored because there is nothing to experiment and nothing new to learn.

The higher you go up as a regular Python programmer in a tech company, the excitement level will go down. The frustration will come when there will be issues, and the forums and communities will be your only places to search for solutions. However, if you are passionate about Python programming and you have in-depth knowledge, you will love the challenges you come across. Most of the times the solutions to the issues you face in doing an innovative project or module will not be available in forums and communities. You have to use the grey matter of your brain to find out the solution. The best part is that you can get some help from the higher-ups in Python programming to see the rays of hope.

If you are into data science and automation, every day is going to be very challenging but existing. You have to do your own research work and come up with new products and services that can make things better for the company as well as for the users. Almost all the Python developers working in product development and research field are self-motivated. Therefore, the boring and frustrating part do not exist in their daily lives.