Programmers live a very intense and serious lifestyle which is mostly due to the work pressure where their brains are constantly at work. However, there should always be some fun and laugh in life wherever we are. Therefore, we are bringing weekly episodes of programming jokes that only programmers can understand. They can circulate them among their colleagues and laugh out loud to relieve the stress. Here are three programming jokes of the week and you can surely relate to them.

1. The Corporate Hierarchy –

If you have worked in a company for even a few months, you will come to see the politics that happen inside a tech company or any company for that matter. The reason why most of the programmers change companies in every two years is not just money but also due to job satisfaction. The managers treat the programmers as shit, and the programmers consider the managers asshole. This is not just restricted to managers and programmers, it extends up to CEO hierarchically.

2. Fear Of A Programmer –

Even though the immediate fear of a programmer is an error, the long-term fear of the programming is artificial intelligence. It is like the programmers are programming their own grave. With the commercialization of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the automation technology is rising exponentially. It is now a time of the survival of the fastest and creativity. As a matter of fact, artificial intelligence is going to bring down the job creation opportunities because all the basic works are being taken care of automatically. Moreover, 50% of the work in programming has become just copying and pasting and therefore, only the creative programmers will stay and the rest will perish.

3. The Modern Saints

They say that programmers do not have life and even the programmers agree. Just because there are money and a living to be made, the programmers program like robots forgetting about time, food, and sleep. This is not just due to how challenging the assignment is but due to the work pressure from the manager and the tight deadline. If would have been better for a programmer if a day were of 48 hours. Therefore, a programmer is rightly called the saint of the modern era.

Stay tuned for weekly episodes of programming jokes to get rid of the stress in your work momentarily.

Kitty Gupta