Almost every week for a programmer is the same. It is the same stress of meeting the deadlines, finding bugs in their own code and working beyond the working hours. Therefore, there must be some moments in every day where the programmers can laugh their heart out. The following programming jokes are meant for programmers for some moment of bliss in their stressful work life.

1. Bed Of Programmers –

While you will find living beings in the bed of the rest of people of the world, on the bed of a programmer, you will find electronic gadgets. It is said that programmers code in their dreams too. The night time is also working time for them. It could be learning something new about the assignment they are about to do the next time. It can also be finding solutions to the problems where he is stuck. In short, programmers are in a relationship with their gadgets.

2. Load Of Visual Studio –

Those who are using Visual Studio, they know how heavy Visual Studio is. It is funny how Visual Studio is so heavy that the wave disappears due to the load of Visual Studio. The launching of Visual Studio takes a lot of time in comparison to any other IDE. As a matter of fact, the computer hangs and becomes slow when Visual Studio is running, and coding is compiled. However, Visual Studio is the lifeline of Microsoft-technology based programmers.

3. Struggle Of Programmers –

Only a programmer can know the pain of another programmer. The owners and CEOs of tech companies think it is very simple and they achieve success easily. However, you have to struggle and climb steep mountains and put their sweat and blood on the line to reach the pinnacle of success in any project, Even the clients and any non-programmer thinks that programmers are magicians.

4. Group Projects For Programmers –

Working in a group is a must for any programmer. However, it never ends like an ideal group project. The entire responsibility goes to one person who is a prolific programmer while the rest enjoy their time. Therefore, it is said that for a programmer, a group project is more like a solo project with no sleep and hence, creating hatred for the other members. On top of that, he never gets the credit he deserves.

5. Behind The Scene –

All that glitters are not gold, and it is always true for any application. There are ugly things happening in the backend. However, the frontend will be so stunning that everyone will consider it the best thing ever. This is the ugly truth of the corporate world where the frontend is made perfect while the backend is a wasteland and highly inefficient. There are always some bugs to debug, always some modifications needed from time to time because this is nothing called perfect for a programmer. It is all about getting the job done somehow.

Stay tuned for various such memes and jokes that only programmers can relate to.