Irrespective of how stressful of last year was as a computer programmer, you should make a new and vibrant start to the year. There is no better way of starting a working week or a new year than reading some hilarious jokes made exclusively for computer programmers. You can laugh out loud and laugh internally throughout the day thinking about the context of the jokes. You should share the jokes with your colleagues so that they too get some moments of bliss in their stressful and hectic working day.

1. The Phases In The Life Of A Programmer

Well, at the very first glance, anyone will be totally confused because a programmer seems to be miserable when has a job. On the other hand, he is extremely happy when he is jobless. This is because when a programmer has a job, he has to work as if there is no life to live. He has to work continuously, and he is always stressed and sleep deprived. He has no time to dress well. But things get better in personal life when the professional life get worse. This is ironical but somewhat true symbolically.

2. Marriage Test

If you are marrying a programmer or a person who is always on the computers, there is an easy test to find out the true character of such a person. While meeting with the family of the girl or the boy whom the programmer is about to be married, he/she appears to showcase the best version of his/her character. However, when a person sits on a computer with extremely slow internet speed, the real nature of the person comes out because slow internet kills brain cells!

3. A Project Manager From A Programmer’s Perspective

A project manager is like a nightmare for a programmer in most of the cases. In reality, most of the programmers hate their project managers the most. This is because the project managers are the reason why there is so much stress on them and they keep on pressurizing them. The above definition is how a project manager thinks all the time. He wants to complete a project of a week in one day irrespective of the reality.

4. Dating A Programmer –

Dating a nightmare can be extremely funny or nightmare for a girl or a boy. This is because their brains are always occupied in programming and they have their own language. When you talk about the format of a date, you think of the date time format. They do not have time to cheat you but they do not have time for you too. They won’t bug you because they will spend the day solving bugs in their code.

Stay tuned for more such funny jokes for the programmers to chill their mood.

Kitty Gupta