Making a website attractive in its design and robust in its features is not enough. You can get attention and web traffic with time, but your website’s performance can deteriorate leading to the bad user experience. The slowing down of performance can be during to the inefficient programming or even web host issues. Therefore, you need to monitor your website constants and check the reports and get instant notifications to take immediate measures. The following is the list of the best website monitoring services available online in 2019.

Uptime Robot

It is one of the best website monitoring services, and it has both a free and paid version. It is also one of the oldest tools and most popular since 2010. The service is cloud-based and focuses on the uptime of a website. The free version allows 5-minute interval based service for 50 websites. If there is any downtime, you will get notified by email. The SMS and voice call notifications are for the premium version. It is better to opt for the premium version because they have over 50 servers located around the world to detect the downtime instantly.

If you have more websites, there are flexible plans to choose from. Moreover, the service has a comprehensive and detailed approach to uptime monitoring. Furthermore, you get a 1-minute monitoring interval which helps in faster detection. You will also get 12 months of logs instead of just 2 months in the free version. Therefore, you will get a better report and understanding, and it also involved SSL monitoring and various other features. The service has over 600,000 subscribers starting from Expedia to Fandango.


Pingdom needs no introduction as it is one of the most used platforms for measuring the speed of a website in comparison to the rest of the websites in the world. Pingdom has a premium website monitoring service, and many consider it to be the best website monitoring service to opt for. They have servers across the different countries in the world for comprehensive uptime monitoring. They send instant alerts and also do root cause analysis.

These reports can be critical in decision making and even making a transition to another web host. They also have a great support team to understand the performance of the website as well do real user monitoring. Besides, it also checks various interaction items like signup, checkout flow, login and likewise. Irrespective of the size of the website, it works with perfection to monitoring various components and parameters of the website.


There is no doubt it is one of the most efficient website monitoring services, and the experts are high on it. It is widely used by the large corporate clients, and they monitor almost all the aspects of their websites with it. It is a premium service, and the plans are slightly on the high-end in comparison to the rest of the services available on the list. They have over 22,000 companies as subscribers to their premium service.

Apart from monitoring the various parameters of speed, performance, and uptime of a website, it checks the websites with various test cases. It also tests the loading time and check the performance of REST, SOAP, and web services, and much more. Moreover, they do cross-browsing checks, multiple device checks, and much more. There is no website monitoring service available that is as comprehensive as this one. Therefore, if you can afford, you should go for it.


This is one of the most preferred website monitoring services by the startups. It started as a free service, but due to its popularity, it is now a completely premium service. However, there are flexible plans available to suit everyone’s budget. You can schedule a demo and try it out for 30 days. There are over 25,000 users, and this includes big names like HP, Microsoft, Zendesk, Vimeo and much more.

Starting from website monitoring, a web application to web performance monitoring, everything is available at your service. Besides, there are services for API monitoring, real user monitoring, and server monitoring. You will get SMS and voice alerts, and the useful alert escalations feature is worth noting. The company also has a free mobile app for real-time monitoring of your website from anywhere. Starting from $11 to $150 per month, there are different plans available with different features for perfect online monitoring.


Last but not least, this is a completely free website monitoring service, and it is excellent for personal website owners as well as small web companies. It checks the website after every five minutes and starting from downtime to page error and user logins, everything is monitored comprehensively. They also have an app through which you can get notifications for downtime, and there is also email notification service. If you are getting started, you should go for it.

Apart from these, you need to look at StatusCake, Uptime Doctor, and LogicMonitor which are quite popular in the market with many big names as their clients.