It is safe to say that cloud computing and its services have taken over the online world in 2018. The year 2019 is certainly going to see a wide expansion of cloud computing services. It is expected that the global public cloud services market will cross $200 billion in 2019. Starting from big data deployment to predictive analytics, all of these important services are dependent on cloud computing. Organizations are opting for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS for their business operations. As a matter of fact, infrastructure as a service is going to grow exponentially in 2019. Let us check out the cloud computing trends that are likely to rule in 2019.

Hybrid Cloud Solution –

There is no doubt that the best application of cloud computing is data storage. The startups are starting with cloud storage, but the existing organizations are moving from on-premise infrastructure to cloud computing. It is not possible for them to make the transition instantly as there will be a disruption. Therefore, for now, they are developing their new features in cloud computing and moving from on-premise infrastructure quite slowly. However, with the hybrid cloud solution, the transition is going to be smooth.

As a matter of fact, the hybrid cloud solution is going to be trending in 2019 because it mixes public and private cloud services with on-premises infrastructure. Therefore, the transition is going to be flexible and efficient.

Online Backup and Recovery Service –

There are so many services available on cloud computing starting from web hosting to the security solution. In the year 2019, it is expected that the use of cloud computing storage as online backup and recovery service is going to explode. This is because making the transition for the backup platform is easy and fast. The backup data is not in direct use, and hence, there will be no disruption of services for the organization. The year 2019 is thought to be a breakout for cloud computing as it will have the most of its income come for its backup and recovery service.

Apart from online backup and recovery services, email hosting service and productivity tools based on cloud computing will explode. As a matter of fact, there is already a trend of business support apps based on cloud computing is on the rise. With the use of cloud computing, companies are looking for tools based on cloud architecture for automation. Therefore, automation will be an indirect trend in cloud computing.

Use Of Data Containers –

The use of data containers is efficient, yet it is not so popular at organization level as of now. This is because of some of the inconveniences that exist in data containers. However, these inconveniences are likely to be resolved, and the use of data containers for data transfer from one system to another will be very popular. Data containers can store as well as organize virtual objects. Virtual objects contain both the data as well as the procedures for data manipulations.

Cloud Computing with AI –

Big Data storage is synonymous with cloud computing. Every organization is looking for automation to handle and analyze such a huge volume of data to make them meaningful and get the best out of the data for business data and edge. Therefore, it is safe to say that there is going to be an amalgamation of cloud computing, automation, and artificial intelligence. As a matter of fact, the incorporation of artificial intelligence is only going to make cloud computing popular and more widespread. It is also going to bring down the costing that organizations have to bear now which is a constraint for cloud computing in today’s world.

Cloud Computing with IoE –

The cloud computing and real-time data analytics are going to put Internet of Everything on the map. IoE uses the machine to machine communication and machine learning to understand human interaction. Therefore, human beings will be able to communicate with the IoT devices more organically and intelligently. You can see hospitality robots spreading all across the world, and this is possible due to cloud computing and IoE.

Serverless Computing –

The concept of Serverless computing is on the rise, and it is totally based on cloud computing. To be precise, it is a Platform as a Service(PaaS), and the clients do not have to buy a fixed server space beforehand. The storage space is allocated as per requirement, and even the configuration is automated. Therefore, the clients have to pay as per the space used which is always economical and efficient. There will be no performance use of the application running at peak hours as the space, and the related resources are taken care of.

The year 2019 is going to be an exciting year for cloud computing. Apart from steady growth, there is a lot of mixture of technologies likely to happen with cloud computing. Besides, there are a lot of innovative services to hit the market due to the infusion of technologies which is going to catapult cloud computing to the next level.

Kitty Gupta