In this digitized world, everyone is available online and spending most of the time of a day surfing the internet. However, spending time online is not always a waste of time. There are various productive things you can do online to make your time spending worth every second. Since we have limited time in our life, it is too short to waste it with meaningless browsing. The following is the list of the productive things you can do on the internet to hone your skills and make the best use of your time.

Coursera – The Internet is a true ocean of knowledge, and there is no better way of spending time than gaining knowledge. The website offers various courses in collaboration with top universities and education organizations. You can choose any course as per your interest to learn new things and sharpen your skills. There is no compulsion, and no money to spend as most of the courses are available for free.

Quora – This is the best platform where there are unlimited questions and answers on any topic. It can be debatable why you should read the questions and answers and opinions, but it is far more productive than scroll social media profiles. You will get a lot of unknown information and perspective on different people. If you have some questions, you can find them on the platform and also post them to get answers from Quora users.

Moreover, answering questions from your experience is as addictive as social networking. You will get hundreds and thousands of views on your answers. You will soon avoid the social media sites and spend hours on Quora and expand your knowledge and share your experience on different topics. There is no topic of your interest that is not present on the platform.

HowStuffWorks – There are a lot of things in our lives that we do not know how they work. It is always better to know the background rather than taking things for granted. The website is a subsidiary of Discovery Communications, and it explains how certain things how with photo and even video illustration. Therefore, a lot of myths and superstitions can be busted, and there are so many interesting things to know about on the website that you will stay glued with it. If you refer to something as true education, this website is an epitome of that.

Lumosity – This website is the food for your brain. There are various interesting exercises available for your brain to work at its full potential. With regular use, your brain functioning will increase, and you will become sharper and brighter. Therefore, it is needless to say that it is one of the most productive websites online. You can spend a few minutes to an hour as per your time availability. There are brain trainings available as per your age and skill level. It will enhance your memory, attention, speed, problem-solving and critical thinking.

TED – TED is probably the most inspiring place to be in. If you have time to spend and you are feeling bored, you need to watch the inspiration and interesting Ted talks from the popular people across the world. It is guaranteed that you will leave the place with full motivation to conquer the world. The celebrities and popular people in their respective fields give out the secrets, their life story and how they earned their way to reach the pinnacle of success. Nothing is better than surrounding yourself with positivity.

YouTube – YouTube can be a very distracting place to be in. There is a lot of stuff to waste your time. At the same time, the platform can be the most productive one if you can use it properly. There are videos for almost everything. You can learn a new language of your interest, learn to play musical instruments, clean concepts on the topics of your study or working and much more. There is no better way of learning than through videos.

Freerice – If you want to spend your time helping others sitting in the comfort of your home, this website has interesting contests on vocabulary. With every question you answer correctly, the website will donate 10 grains of free rice to the charities to help the needy people. There is no scam as everything is transparent. Therefore, you can use your free time for social service.

Makezine – The website contains all the articles and illustrations regarding DIY projects. Therefore, it is like reading the recipes and cooking the delicious dishes. There are DIY projects with full illustration available for all categories of works.

You should definitely visit each of these productive websites and bookmark the ones you think are suitable to prick your interest. The next time you get bored, come online and go to any of these websites and you will find time flying and well spent. 

Kitty Gupta