It is time to put a smile on the faces of the programmers which otherwise stays grim and gloomy all the time. There are exclusive jokes and memes available for the programmers as only programmers can relate to them and laugh their heart out. Without further ado, let us get started and remember to share them with your colleagues so that you can linger on them and laugh more.

1. The Never Ending Path

There is no way a person can learn a programming language 100% even if he spends his entire life for it. A programming language is like an ocean and on top of that, there are always major updates made. Just when you think that you are close to the peak of learning it to the fullest, the new peak will be visible.

2. Son of a Programmer

A programmer dad is always teaching his son about programming from the very beginning. It is a known fact that programmers start counting from 0 instead of 1. They just want their sons to be like them. Therefore, they teach them their language from the very beginning and the next joke is for all programmer dads.

3. Programming For Babies

This is inspired by the fact that programmer dads love to teach their babies about programming. Therefore, the publishers saw a growing demand for books for babies. In fact, these books are meant for the amateurs who are stepping into the programming world.

4. How Programmers Express Love?

Programmers have different styles to express their love and that is why a non-programmer girl does not get it and leaves him. That is exactly why programmers never get a life beyond their computers. In fact, they should date programmer girls to make them understand their true love for them in programming styles and statements.

5. Programmer’s True Story

Programmers have to social life because they are stuck in their bubble world of coding all the time. That is why when they go for a romantic movie, they are only holding popcorns and cold drinks while the hall is full of couples holding each other and doing their own stuff. Programmers are always the witnesses of true love and making out.

6. What’s Up In The Background?

Programmers do not get the respect they deserve at times. They are the ones for whom we are enjoying the technological comfort and advancement like never before. It is because they sacrifice their social life that we get to have our social life sitting at the comfort of our home.

Stay tuned for more such hilarious jokes and memes on programmers.

Kitty Gupta