WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps in the world. Apart from messaging, it has voice and video calling features. Not just its mobile app version for iOS and Android users, WhatsApp has a web version for desktop users to use the app from web browsers. These days, people prefer to use WhatsApp account using an international number like a UK number so that their own number is never exposed to anyone for various reasons. There are various tips and tricks available to get your own UK number that you can use to create a WhatsApp account. Before going into details, let us understand the benefits of using a UK number for creating a WhatsApp account.

Benefits of using a WhatsApp account with UK number:

– No need of owning a UK SIM card or number.

– Hide your own number.

– More privacy and security.

– People are unlikely to call on an international number.

– Get more international clients by hiding your true identity.

– Stay safe from faker, cheaters, and scammers.

– Play prank on family members and friends.

Steps to create a WhatsApp account with UK number:

The trick is totally free and working in all Android phones and tablets.

Using Text-Plus App –

Previously, it was easy to make a WhatsApp account with a UK number using Voxox app. But the app is banned now and therefore, its alternative app is out in the market, and it is called Text-Plus app. Text-Plus not only generates a virtual UK mobile number but also let you customize the number as per your wish. Therefore, go to Google Play Store and install the app on your Android device. You can also try it on your iOS device, but success is not guaranteed as iOS is stricter and highly efficient in spotting fake number usage. After you install the Text-Plus app, launch the app and take the following steps.

– Create an account, and you will find the option on the splash screen.

– To create an account, you have to enter your personal details like email, contact number, and others.

– Enter all the personal details as per instruction on the screen and create the account.

– After successful creation, sign-in with the login credentials.

– Then go to Account menu and select Tap to get UK number option.

– You will be prompted to enter the location of the number. You can keep it default or enter your preferred location.

– Once done, you will get the new UK number with which you can create a new WhatsApp account or change your existing WhatsApp account number.

– Open WhatsApp and paste the UK number to open an account or change the existing number. A verification code will be sent to this new number.

– You will get this verification code on Text-Plus app which you have to memorize and enter in WhatsApp and get started with your new WhatsApp account with UK number.

Using Groove IP app –

If the above method does not work for you, you can give another try with Groove IP which is an alternative app to Text-Plus app.

– First, install the app from the Play Stores. Launch the app and sign-up with your email address.

– Fill up all the details required to complete the registration processor.

– You will be prompted to specify an Area code. If you have any preferred Area code, you can enter. Else, select No Specific Code.

– Now, you have to select a UK number for the given list and note the number as you will require it to create a WhatsApp account.

– Open WhatsApp and create a new account with the number and click on Verify button. You can opt for SMS verification as well as Call Me verification option.

– Wait patiently for WhatsApp to send you SMS or call you on the new UK number through Groove ID app.

– Put back the number and get started with your new WhatsApp number.

Using SMS-man service –

You can also get a virtual UK number to create an account on WhatsApp and beyond using the SMS-man service. The site offers virtual numbers from 258 different countries that can be used to register more than 1,000 services such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, Telegram, Instagram and more.

1. Go to sms-man.com and create an account for yourself, using only your email address.

2. On the main page, select the country of the mobile number and the service where you need to enter your phone number.

3. Then click on the “buy” button next to the selected service.

4. Enter the number you received during registration and wait for SMS. You can view all received SMS in your personal cabinet on the SMS-man website. 

How To Change Your Current WhatsApp number with new UK number?

– Open WhatsApp app and go to Settings.

– Tap on Account option, and you will see the option to Change Number.

– Tap on that and enter your current mobile number and new UK number in the appropriate box.

– Tap on Done, and you will get a verification code on your new UK number through the app you have used Text-Plus or Groove ID.

– Put the verification code back, and you have successfully changed your existing WhatsApp number with the new UK number without creating a new WhatsApp account.