The demand for software tester is increasing every day, and it is more so in today’s scenario. This is because of the emergence of new technologies like automation, machine learning, and IoT. All of these technologies need thorough testing before making an application available in public. With the DevOps culture becoming popular, the programmers have to become a software tester and vice versa. Therefore, the perception that programmers are at a higher status and testers are below them is no more there. The question arises about how to become a software tester as there is no definite path available like becoming a programmer.

What Do Managers Look For In A Tester –

While hiring a tester, there are a few skills that a manager looks for in the candidate. This means to be a software tester, you need to acquire the skill. Most of the skills can be acquired with thorough practice and experience. The most important skill to be a tester is critical thinking. Unless you have that, you cannot test a software application thoroughly. This is what separately a programmer from a tester. If you only think from a programmer’s perspective, you will only be able to test a few test cases only. But with critical thinking, you can do a post-mortem on the application. Besides, a tester needs to be highly curious about everything in an application that he is testing to test it perfectly.

Apart from that, he needs to have basic programming skills and technical knowledge. Moreover, he needs to be a self-learner and a team player because he needs to work with the programming team as well. Most importantly, you should be passionate about testing and not just do the job as a demotion or only for money. If you have decided to become a tester from early on, you can do a course on technical testing skills because there are various methods and strategies to learn about. This skill set is essential, and you should be participating in bug detection tests of various websites and application to hone your skills.

How To Get Started –

In order to be eligible to get hired by the software companies in the software tester post, you need to have a bachelor’s degree. The bachelor’s degree can be of any level. As a matter of fact, the candidates can belong to a non-computer science stream because the computer science stream is mandatory for software programmer candidates. However, if you are from a computer science background, you will get an edge as you will have the basic programming skills and your thinking process will be like a software programmer.

Programming Skills – If you are from non-computer science stream, you can be at the same status as a computer science candidate if you opt for basic programming courses and foundation testing courses. First of all, you have to be fluent in the operating system and know command line commands and shell scripting. Besides, most of the applications are made through frameworks, and therefore, knowledge of the frameworks of the different popular programming languages is mandatory. You also need to have some understanding of development methodologies.

Testing Training – You can go ahead and opt for training in the latest technologies such as API testing, WebServices testing, cross-browser testing, Mobile app testing, automation testing and much more. These are like assets in your career, and the more you learn, the more versatile you become. The higher will be your chance of scaling through different posts in the software testing fraternity in a company.

Certifications – There are so many online tutorial sites free or paid. However, candidates get the highest priority if they have certifications in software testing. The certificates from The International Software Certification Board are the best. You have to check the specifications to be eligible for the test and certification. Besides, ISTQB certified testers are considered advanced testers. There are certifications on advanced test analyst, advanced security tester, advanced technical test analyst, Agile tester and much more.

The Road Map Of A Software Tester – You have to decide to be a software tester and not a software programmer. This decision is to be made when you come from non-computer science stream or when you are not great at coding. Once you have made the decision, you have to start learning the basic programming skills if you do not know already. Then you can learn the development process and methodology, frameworks, and others. Besides, you should start learning the testing methodology and start practicing. There are various free tests available online to put your learning into a test. Just like programming, you have to practice thoroughly and put yourself into difficult challenges, to grow faster and gain more experience. Then start collecting a few certifications and strengthen your resume to get an edge over everyone else

Kitty Gupta