We are back with our weekly post of programming jokes. Programming puts intense pressure on the brain, and you tend to be serious all the time to make the most out of your brain. But sometimes, you need to laugh out loud to clear your head out and make your brain relax. This will help you to reboot your brain and bring back the highest possible concentration and brain functioning the next time you sit to code. Check out the top three programming jokes of the week, and we are sure you can relate to them.

1. Get The Right Order –

As a programmer, you need to know which conditional statement to use in which scenarios. If you happen to write an illogical conditional statement, the program will run but there are going to be scenarios when it will fail and crash the system. In most of the scenarios, you need to check the condition before executing the statements. But it is also possible to check the statements before checking the condition. If you mess up, your code will get messed up at some point.

2. The Reality of Artificial Intelligence –

When you mention the term artificial intelligence, people start to think that it is some futuristic and extra-terrestrial technology that human beings are implementing now. Forget the general people, even the beginners in the programming world also consider artificial intelligence as the ultimate goal to achieve in their career. But to any experienced programmer, it is absolutely basic and they consider it to be a work of a novice. All one has to do it put is nest if with the probable condition and their respective actions. It is like guesswork and nothing extraordinary as most of the people think it is.

3. The Thinking of a Programmer

Even though most of the students are first taught Java, but they are likely to get acquainted with C programming language at some point. Only then will then understand and appreciate the old programmers because they had to have the patience to write simple code with so many lines. With the introduction of Python which is the most programmer-friendly language, even big concept needs minimal lines of code to execute. However, if you think C is painful, you have to code in Matlab to understand the real pain of the Matlab programmers.

Stay tuned for weekly episodes of programming jokes to clear your head and share with your coworkers.

Kitty Gupta