Content writing is a popular freelance work, and just like any other job, one needs to be skilled to do the job perfectly. But content writing is not always freelance work as various companies are hiring content writers to fulfill all the content requirements. Therefore, there is always a load of pressure on the content writers to satisfy the clients and bosses. Hence, we are providing some content writing jokes and memes to make them laugh out the pressure.

1. What People Think Of Copywriter

We all know that a copywriter is the one who writers text for advertisement and publicity. This is why they always have to come up with creative and catchy text. There is always a lot of pressure they have to face in reality to meet the expectations. However, your friends may think that you are lying on a sofa couch and enjoying their text writing. Well, your parents also think you do similarly but slightly more seriously. But your clients and society think of you very differently. The reality is far away even that your imagination.

2. What Client Wants

The clients generally do not care about the spare parts, their main focus on the things that will deliver for them. Therefore, while giving orders for content writing, they emphasize on the headlines as the users will check the article out by getting attracted to the headlines. Besides, the headline is the priority for ranking on the search engine. For the body of the content, the clients want you to focus mainly on the call-to-action parts as they are the ones that will generate lead. However, the other parts are also extremely important for trust building, but clients do not care about that.

3. What Content Writers Do

Most often than not, a content writer has no idea about the topic he is about to write. However, there is always the internet to research about the topic, and they can write as good as a professional on the topic. A reader will be surprised to find that the content writer is so experienced on the topic. However, while starting to write, the writer had no idea. This is what content writers generally do, and they can adapt to whatever placed in front of them.

4. A Copywriting Mentor?

Everyone starts to write content out of nowhere, and that is why there is no expert in the field who would guide the new ones into perfect content writing. Therefore, the phase ‘copywriting mentor’ is non-existent, and a beginner has to learn everything all by myself. As a matter of fact, there is no perfect standard for content writing. It just needs to be creative and fulfilling the requirements of the clients.

Stay tuned for more such jokes of various topics to chill out of your hectic daily work.

Kitty Gupta