Nearly every page that you visit insists for creating the user account and also thinks for the password, from the dating apps to the hyper-secure sites of banking. The memory of human can’t keep up with different passwords and numbers in their mind. Some people might also get a bright idea about using the simple and best possible kind of the passwords, things that are simple to remember, such as “12345678” or the word “password.” However, memorize one splendidly random password as well as use them for everything. Either the path is possible to make you latest victim of the identity theft.

You should not be like them—use the password manager. Also, we have also tested as well as have analyzed dozens, hence you may simply pick the password manager which perfectly suits your needs being the best.

All products in the chart above a minimum of 3.5 stars and all of these also cost money (even at the same time you may also use some free when you accept specific limitations). When you do not wish to spend money and also does not wish to get any kind of limitations, you need not worry. We have also rounded up some of the free password managers in the other article. Irrespective of the fact that they are paid or they are free, a password manager is something which everyone needs.

The basics of Password

The specific password manager will install the browser plug-in that could simply handle password capture as well as can lead to replay. While you log in to the secure site, it provides the user to save the given credentials. At the time you return to such site, it provides for automatically filling up the credentials. When you have saved various kinds of the logins for a similar site, password manager provides you with multiple options for account login. Most of them even provide the browser toolbar menu for the saved logins, hence, you may also go straight to the saved site and can then log in automatically.

Few of the products detect the events for password-change and offer for updating the existing record. Few of them also record the credentials during the process for signing up for the new secure website. However, on the flip side, the password manager does not include the captured password and replay the needs of automation to offset lack with some of the other significant assets.

Those people who are using the password manager might also find that grass appears to be greener on other apps. Many of the password managers include an ability to export the saved data, as well as import from different products, easing up the process for switching to the new password manager.

The password manager is mainly the software that also keeps the passwords safe on the device like iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, etc. It might not just secure them however at the same time it also helps to remember them. This also saves the password in the much-encrypted form and also uses the master password for every such other password when we usually forget.

There are various kinds of password managers that are available online through a few of these are known for the outstanding set of security. Few of these are:

– Blur

– LastPass

– 1Password


It is the product which creates an instant kind of the virtual credit card number, it also runs passwords, as well as it also offers the much dedicated private phone number. Blur is mainly all one such kind of solution to protect the passwords, confidentiality, and expenditures. Blur even provides the free version. It even works on Android, Mac, iOS, Windows. It is the base price that begins from $39 for each year.


– It helps to protect the private as well as the personal data on the proper terms as well as regulations.

– The forms also Auto fills to save time online. It also means that we don’t need to spend quite much time on the online filling forms.

– It may also mask the emails and reduce the spams.

– It also has strong and the secure passwords devoid of the worry for sacrificing the convenience.

– It also has a quick as well as the minimalist boundary with the intuitive smart tool such as artificial intelligence.

– It also has overall security rated having the percentage number.


– Even though it is safest as compared to other above because of this reason that it is quite expensive.


LastPass is even the best password managers that are meant for the iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows. It even provides the free version though their base price is usually $24 each year. It is quite simple as it just comprises to log in.


– It makes online shopping to be easy

– It generates many strong passwords.

– It even stores the digital records such as details of insurance card, memberships along with the Wi-Fi Passwords.

– Shares the passwords with the complete satisfaction of security.


– It needs complete access to the internet for changing and updating or editing and hence when you need to do this urgently and you also have an internet connection when your work gets stuck.

– It also takes a long time to share things. It is quite time-consuming.

– In case the passwords are for your PayPal account, they could also be visible to the user.


The 1Password is mainly one of such password managers that just need one password for everything. The password is quite strong; thus it does not need any of the more passwords. They even provide a free trial for iOS, Safari, Android, Mac, and Windows. Their base price is $35.88 for each year.


– It saves and fills or remembers the passwords on Safari.

– They also provide decent access for your popular items.

– It Enables the creating as well as editing items with ease

– It uses the vaults for organizing the matters. When someone has multiple accounts, each of them will have their vault.


– It is complex, and at times sites have the complicated process for sign-in which 1Password is unable to phrase properly.

– No specific mechanization for change in password.


With the help of the password manager, you need not have to remember the strong and the unique password for each such website. The password manager usually takes care of it, and also it assists you to come up with the help of the random passwords.

Kitty Gupta