Many times, we use WhatsApp for receiving or sending messages and media without using our actual mobile number or even at times we trick our friends as we try to message them without revealing our real Identity. Now, by using the below tutorial it will become simple for you to create the WhatsApp account with a Canadian number, and that also with all normal functions working on your app. The tutorial will perfectly work for iOS devices, for your Android and also for your iPhone!

– First of all, you need to install and verify the WhatsApp on your mobile phone. You can skip this step in case you already have WhatsApp installed already & verified on the phone.

– Now, Install the Vovox app for your iOS or Android from following the links and complete verification on the Vovox app.

– Click here from where you can download Vovox app for the Android from the Google Play Store.

– You can also click here to download the Vovox app for the iDevice or the iPhone from Apple App

– Once you are verifying the Vovox you should navigate to more tab in an app.

Now a day, everyone is familiar with the app known as WhatsApp, it is the much used and renowned messaging app available on the smartphone and used by various users all around the world. If we came around the tips and tricks of WhatsApp then there are various WhatsApp tricks available on the internet. Few of these are much useful and few of them are only waste of your time. Now, let us share a WhatsApp trick that will help you to create the WhatsApp Account with Canadian Number.

Whatsapp is becoming more and more famous as there are various users are increasing by each passing day. As we all know that there are various tips and tricks available on WhatsApp through which you may also shock your WhatsApp friend quite easily. We even have shared how you can make money from the application WhatsApp, and also how to use WhatsApp in different devices so today we are going to tell that how you can create the WhatsApp Account with Canadian number for the verification of WhatsApp.

You might even think that making a fake WhatsApp account is much difficult but at the same time, you will even be surprised and astonished to know that it is the easiest working method that you would ever know. You only require downloading an app from the play store.

Here, you need a Canadian number. You may also be thinking that how you can get free virtual number available for WhatsApp verification code. Well, this is quite simple as you just need to download an app from your play store and you can simply generate the number for verification of your WhatsApp. There are various apps available on play store and now with this trick, we will use them through which you will be able to verify the WhatsApp and can create WhatsApp account.

– With this, you can create an International number

– You can simply prank your friend

– You can maintain more privacy

– It is simple to Hide your actual number

– Free of cost

– Keep your number completely secure

How you can Create Whatsapp Account with US, UK and Canada Number

– You need to download the 2ndLine or the TextNow app

– Install the app and then open the app and register quickly for a new account while entering your email address and your password.

– After this, click on the tab that says don’t use location.

– After this, enter the Canada Code such as 514, 438, etc. and then click on continue.

– You will be provided with the list of numbers that you can choose from.

– You will also get the number, just tap and copy the number.

– Download, install and open the Whatsapp App

– Sing-Up for creating a new account and then enter the number which you have copied above.

– After this, you will get an OTP in-app. Enter the OTM and that is all.

This is how a user can create the Whatsapp Account with Canadian Number. Another bonus tip is mainly for you here, so, apart from the Whatsapp you may even use the Number to verify some other apps as well such as true caller and others.

Now, you need to note down the Vovox Number that is highlighted in the Blue color. After this, open the WhatsApp app and then navigate to settings option as it is shown in the next image. When you are in the settings panel, you need to click on the option- Change number as it is highlighted in blue color.

Now, while you are at the option for Change Number inside your WhatsApp app, After this you need to enter the existing mobile number which is well Verified in text field for the “Old country code along with the mobile number” and in second text field you need to Enter the country code of Canada and after this you need to type in the new phone number which is Vovox Number that we have obtained in the above-mentioned step. Hence, after this, you will be all set to use the WhatsApp with a Canadian number.

This Tips or the Trick is just for the Educational purpose and to make sure that you are well aware of it and also in case any person traps you so you may simply figure out which it might also be a prank. It is also important to note that you should not use the number for any kind of illegal activity.


If you are also looking to create the WhatsApp for your Canadian number, it is the easiest and working method that you just require to download one app. With these tips and tricks, you can simply get the Canadian number WhatsApp with great ease!

Kitty Gupta