In case you belong to a specific organization or group that still gathers contact details throughout a meeting or event utilizing the traditional paper and pen technique, it is a good time to get into the digital world. You do not need to go somewhat far for the solution.

Utilizing Google Forms, you can gather emails, names, and some other contact details on your mobile or computer that supports mobile searching. All the information is efficiently saved to a spreadsheet that can be utilized for different reasons.

Making a Form

To make a Google Form, you should sign into your online Google account and then you need to click on Documents in the menu. Next, you should click on Create and choose the Form option.

How you can use Google forms

You can add different kinds of input data things to your Google Form, like Multiple choice responses, Text boxes, select from a list.

You need to click on the Add button in the Forms and make familiar yourself with the kind of things available. Earlier than you start with your form’s layout, outline on a different paper sheet the information type you wish to collect.

The “Select from a list” or “Multiple choices” items work mainly well for gathering data from a drop-down list, except requiring responders to enter information.

You will even need to collect simple contact details utilizing text boxes. Remember, though, if you make a plan to collect details throughout a meeting or event, keep a collection of your data as minimal and simple as possible thus it takes possibly less than 30 seconds for a form to be completed.

Choosing Theme

Collecting different types of data with the help of Google Forms is a lot faster and better than trying to do so on a simple spreadsheet, although the information you collect comes up in a spreadsheet. To improve the form, you must utilize one of the supplied themes.

Choose the Theme button as well as select from more than 100 different themes. In case of nothing fit with your club or organization, just go with the free graphic Sample or Simple Form. To transform a theme, you need to click the Apply. 

Publish Your Google Form

You should notice at the Form editor bottom you can click the URL assigned to see how your Google form will look. You can insert the form into your site, but for our reasons in this tutorial, we concentrate on utilizing the form to collect data throughout a meeting or event.

To utilize the facility of Google form, just check your Documents folder and then you need to click on the form title in your menu. The Google form will consist of a spreadsheet. Then you can click on the “Form” from the menu bar, where you can without any difficulty view, edit, send or embed the form in an online website page.

If you want to make your form live on the web then you should click on “Go to live Google form” to open it once more in your web browser. As the Google form is based on the internet, it can be effectively opened on a mobile device too, with a 3G connection or Wi-Fi. Just you need to send and open the specific URL on the device(s) you wish to utilize it on. The Google form can be simultaneously used on more than one mobile device.

Using the Facility of Spreadsheet

Google Forms saves your valuable data to a spreadsheet, thus you can export that particular data, say as a CSV format file and then you can import it into an Address Book, you can save or you can print it out as a PDF, or you can utilize it in OpenOffice.

You should understand that these Forms save you valuable time in managing, collecting and using data. It is completely free of cost service, making it somewhat less costly compared to similar expensive services. Let us recognize what you think about Google Forms and how you can use it.

  • You can Sync Your Google Forms or Docs To Different Machines 
  • With the help of Google Forms, you can check out extra mobile form makers for building forms anywhere.

Here is what every field type provides:

Title of the Form 

Description and Title: The description and title fields are automatically added to each form and field—though the description is completely hidden by default on most of the fields—and as per your needs you can add an extra block of title anywhere with the command button. Even, you can leave the description and title blank on questions, but the major form title has to be filled in.

The description does not contain formatting options—you can add links, and form readers can hit on those to see your website or associated material.

Short Answer

This specific field is best for asking for a small amount of text: email, names, values, and a lot more. You can get a small text to reply to the question—though users can enter as much as they desire.

To confirm you get the replies you want, this specific field contains text, number, regular expression data validations, and length. Validations of the number assist you to watch for varieties of values, even as text validations are good to watch for links or email addresses.

Multiple choices

Default field for new things, multiple choices allows you to list choices and have users choose one. You can have the Google form jump to any other section as per on the answer or have the options of answer shuffled to ignore bias.

Checkboxes: Same to a different choice, this specific field allows you list answers and have users chosen as many as they wish. It even contains data validation to need users to choose a specific number of alternatives. It does not contain section jumps.

Dropdown: It is very similar to multiple choice fields—with similar section shuffle and jump options—just this time the replies are in a menu. It helps keep compact your form when there are different answer options.


It is very simple to create Google Form on your mobile. Just follow some simple techniques and make your Google form today.

Kitty Gupta