In this mobile era, visual content is surely the king. However, Instagram is a highly competitive landscape and nobody would like to engage prospective clients with videos and pictures that are of inferior quality. For achieving your Instagram promotion and marketing goals and aspirations, you must necessarily understand how top-quality content could be boosting overall customer engagement. Today, we have easy access to several effective graphic design tools that come in handy every time you need to edit your pictures that you would like to post on your Instagram account. Fortunately, for these competent tools, you not only could edit pictures, but you could also generate decent customized infographics and for your Instagram account.

As per, content that comes with infographics seems to get 94 percent more views as compared to content without. Moreover, infographics have proven the fact that they are responsible for increasing time on page for boosting SEO rankings and your blog traffic. Such incredibly amazing visual content would definitely stand a chance of engaging and grabbing the attention of more customers, followers, and even more business partners would be bringing along more revenue and attract more followers, business partners, and customers. Here are some top tools to generate killer content.

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Canva is an efficient graphic design tool that has dramatically transformed everything relating to creating designs. It is a competent tool that has been crafted to suit everyone whether you are an experienced graphic designer or a beginner in this profession. Canva could prove to be immensely helpful for somebody with no academic knowledge of designing and who is not at all graphic design-savvy.

An amateur could become an adept designer in just a matter of a few clicks. You could successfully go through a fast learning process even when you are using the platform for the very first time.  With Canva you could create high-quality content for Instagram and other social media platforms, websites, and even blogs, presentations, logos, and newsletters, etc. You could come up with design masterpieces that could help to boost engagement when you upload your creative and unique content. Further, you may buy real Instagram followers to boost engagement.

Canva comes with brilliant layouts and in-built templates for your inspirational messages, text-based photos, etc. It is regarded as a leading graphic design app because of its user-friendly interface. There are numerous filters that could bring your ordinary pictures to life. Because of the drag-and-drop characteristic, its infographic generation process is quite powerful and robust.

Canva makes the complex graphic design process really simple and an amazing journey for people with no design experience or background. Canva offers both premium and free plans for accessing amazing assortment of stock pictures, illustrations, icons, shapes, layouts, templates, elements, vectors, fonts, etc.

Skitch by Evernote

Skitch has been introduced by the people at Evernote. This is an extraordinary screen-capture and even markup device for Mac and iOS. This amazingly innovative and unique software that seamlessly creates a magical blend of an image editor and a screen capture tool. Skitch is known to support numerous formats that include BMP and PDF. You may seamlessly incorporate text to all these pictures. Point out specific parts of a photo. Moreover, you would not wish to miss out on all its cutting-edge capture modes.

Pablo by Buffer

Pablo is a competent and useful graphic design tool that is known for helping organizations to come up with attractive pictures just right for various social media platforms. Pablo is a free tool that is available online and offers a host of filters, templates, and over 25 unique fonts. Pablo is fueled by Buffer and so you could rest assured of its efficiency in catering to the needs of various marketing teams and businesses for creating fascinating social media-friendly photos.


GIFs are great for grabbing the attention of people, right from customer service comments to marketing emails. They help in boosting audience engagement. They speak volumes and say a lot about your brand and they could be great fun to watch. Giphy provides you with a superb and truly magical trick which is an effective one-click solution.


PiktoChart has been designed to create attractive infographics, charts, presentations, flyers, and reports too. This tool has been geared toward assisting professionals with no graphic design experience but they help immensely in creating unique and fascinating content for their organizations. PiktoChart has a template for practically every need, although they cannot testify to the fact, it offers an amazing collection of 600 and more templates for creating a presentation, infographics, or prints, in a jiffy. PiktoChart for Team seems to be an additional unique feature for simplifying team collaboration. This useful characteristic is particularly practical for agencies and organizations with diverse graphic design requirements.

Recount drawing in stories with your visual content.

Have you ever heard the expression, an image is worth 1,000 words? Instagram is a novel web-based media channel that empowers brands to recount extraordinary stories with their visual content. Regardless of whether you are recounting a story with a picture or utilizing an Instagram video to convey something extraordinary, Instagram is a viable channel for brand narrating.

Get innovative, and utilize your Instagram substance to exhibit your items and pictures in another light. Indicating your items in real life or conveying the way that your items or administrations can cause a purchaser to feel is a successful method to catch your audience’s consideration and get them keen on what you have to bring to the table.

Here’s a suggested diagram for a compelling IG Story:

  • 0:00-0.02 second: Create a charming introduction
  • 0.02-0.09 second: Time for your mission! Plainly mention to your crowd what you’re offering in a pleasant manner.
  • 0.09-0.12: Encourage them to make a move now. Swipe up!
  • 0.12-0.15: Put a devoted source of inspiration screen.

Urging the clients to swipe up ought to be unique in relation to the real 3-second end screen that will show only the words “Swipe Up”.


We have not discussed Photoshop because many experts feel that it is complicated, massive, and often pretty intimidating for the amateur graphic designer. It comes with DIY guides and manuals yet mastering Photoshop could prove to be a tricky affair particularly if you have no formal education in graphic designing. We have discussed only a few of the advanced graphic designing tools for generating high-quality Instagram content. However, there is a broad spectrum of tools that are quite handy for use in the day-to-day life of professional graphic designers.