A Graphics driver is a software in your computer that makes your programs, operating system, and games use your PC’s graphics hardware.

If you are a Gamer and looking forward to getting the best performance out of your rig, you should consider updating your PC’s graphics drivers. If you are a beginner Gamer and are unaware of the many terms that keep springing up consider turning to ValidEdge for advice so that you are informed and capable enough to make the best rig out there.

Most of the hardware drivers that come with your PC or through the Windows Update are good, but you will need to update your graphics drivers for your external graphics cards like NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel Integrated Graphics.

To play High-end games on PC, we choose potent graphics cards. If you don’t update appropriate drivers, you can’t get the full potential out of your graphics card. Outdated graphics drivers will ruin gaming experience and may create issues while playing or installing the games.

Why You Should Update Graphics Drivers

Updating your PC’s motherboard, network, and sound card drivers won’t give performance improvements for your games. Well, if you update drivers for your graphics card, mostly known as a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) or video card, then you will get an improved gaming experience.

NVIDIA and AMD release updated graphics drivers that mostly come with significant performance improvements, especially for the latest AAA titled games. Intel also releases video driver updates for its Integrated Graphics.

These video card companies mostly cover specific games, and those games get a lot of improved gaming performance. The latest games get most of the attention, even some of the old games get many performance improvements in updated drivers.

If you don’t play PC games on your computer and have no need for 3D graphics, you won’t need any updated graphics drivers.

Checking And Knowing About Your Graphics Card

You can identify your PC’s graphics hardware in many ways, including in-built and third-party softwares. The best and easy way to verify is to go to Start, then type “System Information” in the search box, and hit enter.

In the “System Information,” check for the “Display” category on the left side, click on it. Check your graphics adapter model in the “Adapter Type” or “Adapter Description” section.

Suppose there are both Intel and NVIDIA hardware on your laptop. In that case, your computer is most likely using a smart switch to switch between Intel graphics for better battery life and NVIDIA graphics for better gaming performance. For this, you need to update your NVIDIA drivers for better gaming performance.

What You Need To Do After Updating Drivers

Update The Latest Version of DirectX

If you are a gamer, then DirectX is one of the essential things you need to install. There are many versions available online. For maximum gaming performance, you need to install the latest driver.

Change your Power Settings

If you have a laptop and play games on it, you need to adjust the power settings. Go to Power Options in the Control Panel, then under Additional Plans choose High Performance to get more performance instead of battery saving.

There are a lot of tweaks that can increase the Gaming Performance in Windows 10.

Third-Party Apps For Boosting Gaming Experience

Smart Game Booster is a game optimizing software made for gamers who want to boost their gaming experience. This software increases your game’s FPS (Frames Per Second). It works with just 1-Click. It also displays the temperatures of CPU and GPU while gaming.

Look Out For New Updates

Some laptops have hardware integrated graphics, which are also known as Notebook GPUs, these might not get the latest drivers directly from the graphics card manufacturer. Instead, you might have to get the latest drivers from your laptop manufacturer, and they may not release the updates frequently.

You can manually get updated graphics drivers from your graphics card manufacturer’s website. You should select the exact model of your PC’s graphics card, which you identified earlier in the “System Information.”

For the significant manufacturers like NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel, you can choose your card’s correct details on their website and download them right away. You can want to let the site scan your system automatically to determine the drivers you need. You will be prompted to install a software that performs the scan.

If you have an NVIDIA adapter, you will have a utility “NVIDIA GeForce Experience” that checks for updates in the background. You also have the option to choose to let the software download and install the drivers automatically or letting you know when the updates are ready. GeForce Experience can also optimize gaming settings for most PC games.

If you have an old graphics card, then you need to know that it won’t be updated every time. Manufacturers do a stable driver release, and then they stop optimizing and updating. It depends on the manufacturer how long it will be updated.


Updating your Graphics driver is essential for maximum gaming performance. You need to update the drivers frequently, which are released weekly, monthly, or with new games. Updating the drivers will give you a lag-free and glitch-free gaming experience.