Online security is an aspect each company needs to address carefully and quickly. Over 60% of all hacking attempts happen in small and medium businesses. The main reason is these businesses don’t have robust cybersecurity tools to protect them against such attacks.

Below are the six best cybersecurity tools your business needs to protect its data.

1. Antivirus Software

Most people easily confuse the term antivirus for Firewall. Although they complement one another in providing a secure system, they do have notable differences. The purpose of an antivirus is to examine all in-coming files or traffic to identify and stop any malware from infecting your PC.

Updating your company’s antivirus software is crucial to guarantee security by getting rid of malicious files, including worms, ransomware, and viruses. An outdated antivirus may be ineffective in protecting your systems. In such cases, viruses and cyber attackers can penetrate your security system. Therefore, your business needs an updated and premium antivirus to keep your data systems secure from cyber attacks.

2. Firewall

One of the best cybersecurity tools your business must have is a firewall. Its fundamental role is to restrict any unapproved access to your company’s system. A firewall is responsible for checking network traffic and connection attempts to decide whether they are safe to connect to your computer system. In the process, a firewall guarantees network security to keep your business protected against possible cyber-attacks.

However, cyber attackers have devised new tricks on how to by-pass firewalls. Therefore, alongside firewalls, you should invest in other cybersecurity tools to make it harder for attackers to penetrate your network security. Even with such weaknesses, firewalls are still very effective in identifying and preventing most of the less advanced cyberattack attempts, but it never hurts to be even further prepared.

3. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Authentication Services

Apart from securing your network’s transport layers, PKI services convert the HTTP protocol into the secure version (HTTPS). Additionally, PKIs enable a two-step authentication and encryption of email-based communication in your company, making communication secure. Furthermore, PKI services help in creating trusted digital signatures using SSL or TLS technology to make sharing of information through the network more secure. Ultimately, using PKI services in your business can help secure your system against possible cybersecurity attacks.

4. Virtual Private Network (VPN) Tools

Your business needs to invest in an effective VPN program to scan and prevent possible threats emerging from in-coming traffic. A VPN helps encrypt incoming network traffic to hinder cyber attackers from spying on what you are doing. A cyber attack requires the slightest vulnerability to penetrate your system. Therefore, you should invest in effective paid VPNs like SaferVPN to enhance your company’s online security.

5. Penetration Testing Tools

Conducting an internal penetration test to try accessing your company’s online security systems is an excellent way to identify vulnerabilities. While carrying out a penetration test, your cybersecurity experts will apply similar techniques to those used by cyber attackers to identify possible weaknesses in your system. For instance, a pen test tries to mimic the type of attack your company can encounter, including code injection, password cracking, and phishing. Ultimately, the test will reveal weaknesses and enable the necessary steps to be taken to enhance your company’s cybersecurity system.

6. Employee Training Tools

Lastly, your company needs to invest in educational tools to help train and keep your staff updated. The majority of cybersecurity attacks result from human error. Therefore, the more training your staff receive, the less vulnerable your business will become. For instance, you can equip your employees with the latest security practices, including changing passwords and avoiding opening suspicious hyperlinks.

Today, cybersecurity is a major concern to many businesses. Therefore, companies need to acquire new and latest online security systems to protect their data. Ultimately, using updated cybersecurity tools can go a long way in enhancing and protecting your company’s data systems.