If you’ve ever sat for a test, you know how difficult it can be. But the truth is that you can’t run away from it. And when taking the exam is necessary, the most sensible thing to do is to find a way to assure yourself of victory. This post is a guide for the COMPTIA NETWORK+ test. Below, we’ll be sharing steps and tips to prepare for it and achieve the score you want. Let’s start!

Steps to Achieving a High Score in the COMPTIA NETWORK+

Gaining good marks in the CompTIA Network+ Practice Test is possible if you know the stages you need to go through and the approaches to do this. Also, knowing that the results of this exam are as important as your GPA, you need a consistent, focused way to prepare and pass this assessment so as to raise your chances of enrolment. Let’s see, what this path should involve:

  • Understand what’s required

Having a general understanding of the test is what you need at the beginning. The COMPTIA NETWORK+ has two parts with the first one containing five sections with multiple-choice questions, though scoring is only done for four modules. The tasks here assess your analytical and logical reasoning as well as reading comprehension. The second part requires you to write an essay or pay for essay

It’s possible to achieve expertise in each of these sections with the right test prep courses designed based on an analysis of the COMPTIA NETWORK+ pattern. Studying with materials like books, tutorials, and practice tests or following some guided sessions brings to your understanding the distinct types of questions and the precise method for solving each of them.

  • Know how long you have before the test

Defining the amount of the time you need to cover the required content helps you design your prep plan. It’s also essential to get right the exam dates considering the admission cycles for law school. Picking a testing date early enough is good if you wish to get your score early. This will assist you to send your applications quickly, and thus get an edge when being considered for admissions.

  • Get reliable study materials

Preparation resources for the Network+ Practice Test include study guides, sample exams, and more. Make sure you have information for each section. Although you don’t necessarily need a test prep course to do well in the assessment, signing up for one might benefit you. This happens if you find it difficult to learn on your own or you get confused about the amount of data you need to process.

  • Taking your COMPTIA NETWORK+

To start off on the right footing, be in the testing center early. Make sure you understand the LSAC instructions so that you can carry what’s required and avoid what you shouldn’t carry with you to the exam.

As you take the assessment, strive to answer as many questions as you can. Even though you won’t be penalized for skipping others, attempting them all will enhance your chances of achieving better scores. One more tip here is to start with easier items before you go back to the more challenging ones.


Being consistent when studying for the COMPTIA NETWORK+ helps you to become familiar with the test. And with the tips shared, you can crush it. It’s good to plan for your exam while expecting the best, but if your preparation is missing out on the right ingredients like mocks or test prep courses, scoring high can be such an uphill task. Wishing you a great experience in your studies as well as in the test!