How to Write Original Custom Essay Papers

Have you ever asked yourself, why do some students seem to have literally no problems with their essay writing? They never seem to be in need of any kind of help, they always seem to have an interesting topic up to their sleeve, they keep submitting their custom essay papers on time, irrespectively of how many assignments they have to complete and how little time they have to do it. What is particularly interesting is that such students always seem to be able to write original papers while the majority of their peers struggle with finding anything to say at all. Fortunately, all this is not a result of some innate trait you have to be born with – you can train yourself to write in the same manner. In this article, you will find some recommendations on how to do it.

  1. Pick an Unusual Topic

You do not have much of a chance to write a quality and original essay if you write about something everybody else writes about. Whenever a teacher or a professor gives students an assignment and more or less delineates the range of topics they can use, some topics are bound to be used more often than others. Some topics are sort of go-to choices – you can bet a good portion of every class is going to choose them. In such a situation, your natural solution should be to go after an obscure, unusual topic. Your teacher/professor will be grateful to you, after spending hours upon hours reading same-y papers.

  1. Write about Your Own Opinion

All too often, students are too used to expressing the opinions of others: their teachers/professors, authorities on the subject in question, opinions commonly shared by the majority of people, and so on. But what about your own opinion? What do you really think about this topic? You can never hope to be an interesting writer if you do nothing but repeat what other people say. So, ask yourself, what is your true opinion on the subject matter? Once you figure it out, write about it and do not bother if it is not supported by anybody else.

  1. Back up an Unpopular Opinion

Even if you do not have a clear-cut point of view on the subject, you still can make your essay more interesting to read. On most topics, there are usually opinions that are shared by the majority of people, and those that are much less popular. It does not matter if you do not particularly care about the topic at all or do not really share this opinion. Building an argument in support of a viewpoint you do not share or even oppose is an old practice used in discussion clubs and societies – it helps you build up your logical thinking, find better arguments and view things from a different position.

  1. Look for Help

There is nothing shameful about admitting that you need help – every student sooner or later encounters an assignment he/she cannot deal with on his/her own. In such a situation, it is a much wiser solution to make the decision early on and look for an online academic assistance service to ask for some help with this job. If you choose such a service wisely, you will get a skilled and knowledgeable writer working on your task, and he/she is certain to write an essay that will be unlike anything written by your peers.

  1. Jump Right Into the Fray

The first few sentences make or break your essay. They will either interest the reader and encourage him/her to read on or indicate that there is nothing to look forward to. Of course, your professor will most likely read your essay to the end, but he/she is still likely to draw conclusions based on the first few sentences anyway. So, make sure these sentences are memorable. Do not waste time slowly approaching the main topic of your paper – jump right in. Do not give the reader time to get bored – make sure you interest him/her right off the bat.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid of Being Funny

Of course, different disciplines have different requirements, but in most non-STEM disciplines a little bit of humor is acceptable. If you make your professor smile or laugh when reading your essay, it will be a welcome respite from the dreary process of reading similar essays again and again. However, make sure you actually are funny. Being humorous is much tougher than most people tend to believe, and there is nothing more cringeworthy and depressing than a writer who believes him/herself to be much funnier than he/she actually is. Before you attempt to be funny, try your writing out on your friends or acquaintances to see if this approach to writing is right for you.