The coronavirus pandemic significantly impacted global travel and paralyzed travel plans leaving travel writers, editors and publishers stuck at home. While you are not writing, that should not mean you can’t write. You can still work on and improve your travel writing skills even when you are stuck at home and can’t travel. Here are a few tips for you:

Connect With Destinations Virtually  

Destination marketing has led to increased creativity when exploring the virtual world, especially in the pandemic era. Virtual tours are now organized by tourism marketing departments and international governments. If you need help crafting travel content, then there are companies like CopyPress that can help you connect with talented travel writers. Journalists and travel writers can also be engaged in virtual events remotely.

It can be helpful to research your preferred destination to find more information about the virtual opportunities available for you. Connecting virtually with your desired destination will also help you interact more with the travel community and create new connections that will come in handy when you can physically visit the places.


Networking is essential for any profession and can help you advance your career. As a travel writer, networking can be the tool you need to hone your writing skills. While you may not be able to attend events and conferences physically, you can still create new connections and check up on your existing contacts.

Keeping your current contacts viable will pay off in the future, mainly as the world deals with the economic impact of the pandemic.  Networking can create endless growth opportunities and bring new changes to your career. Social media platforms play a significant role in connecting people and bridging distances. Platforms such as LinkedIn have become pivotal in connecting like-minded professionals.

Professional Development

Taking some time to work on professional development when you cannot travel can be beneficial in gaining new skills. Professional development will help you better deal with any changes that may arise in the future. There is a wide variety of methods you can use to pick up new skills. You can always take an online course and receive certification from a legitimate institution.

You can also access online content such as webinars and articles that will help you improve your skills. It may also be time to finally finish writing that book you have always wanted and publish it. It is an excellent step towards becoming a better writer.

Branding Upgrade

It may be an excellent opportunity to give your brand a much-needed upgrade. It is best to analyze and evaluate all aspects of your writing and past work to find areas that need improving. You may need to update your website and social media platforms for a better reader experience.  A branding upgrade will increase your social media presence and engage more with your audience.

Engage With the Travel Community

Maintaining your connection and remaining engaged with the travel community is still essential. Participating in online discussions, webinars, and dialogues on social media platforms can be helpful. Engaging with the travel community will ensure you are aware of any policy and leadership changes affecting the travel industry.

As a travel writer, you can still take measures to improve your writing skills even when you are not traveling. It is best always to have a positive mindset when facing challenges and be ready for any opportunities.

Feature Image Source: Pexels