An online business course can help you expand your skill set and position yourself for development in your work or entrepreneurial success. There are plenty of courses to choose from, and it can be difficult to figure out which ones will provide you the best bang for your buck.

If you want to increase sales, selecting the right online course platform is critical. The top online course systems can assist you with anything from developing a course website and accepting fees to publishing videos and engaging with students.

 We selected and analyzed the finest online course platforms in this guide so that you may choose the best one for you, and we recommend the best service if you want to grow your business.

What Are Online Course Platforms, And How Do They Work?

Instructors may use the top online course platforms to build and produce online courses for their students. They’re similar to regular classes but in a virtual setting.

Instructors can build an engaging virtual classroom environment by giving students a variety of media types such as video, photos, voice, downloadable documents, text, and interactive components such as quizzes and whiteboards on some platforms. It’s exactly like being in a typical classroom. When the courses are completed, most platforms also provide certificates of completion.

Are you prepared to take online courses? Take a look at the most effective platforms for getting the work done.

1. Brunchwork – Build Your Business Acumen

Brunchwork’s Build Your Business Acumen course guarantees to teach you a tried-and-true method for validating, prototyping, modeling, advertising, & presenting business ideas through a comprehensive program of engaging, live video sessions, compiled learning resources, hands-on projects, and more.

The training is not cheap, but it offers a lot for your money, including office hours with a business specialist where you may get personalized attention and criticism. The training is built on eight essential business skills: strategy & finance, sales, influence, communication, and presentation. Mastering them will give you more confidence in your business and offer you a well-rounded set of business skills.

2. Skillshare – Teaching Creative Skills

Skillshare is an excellent place to teach creative talents if you’re a business, designer, artist, photographer, or blogger wishing to teach your profession online. Marketing, photography, cuisine, hand painting, sketching, and even wall hanging are just a few covered topics in the classes.

Students can join the platform’s membership plan, which grants them access to its 35,000+ premium courses. Signing up and publishing a course is free for creators, but if you want to be paid, it must be part of Skillshare’s premium library.

3. Udacity – Business Analytics

By 2022, almost every industry will be using big data to make major business decisions. And the value of data isn’t going away any time soon. It’s no surprise, then, that skilled business analysts are in high demand. As per LinkedIn, a data scientist is the most promising job in the United States for 2019. And things aren’t going to change in 2021.

Taking an online course is one of the most practical ways to develop core data skills. In cooperation with Tableau & Mode Analytics, Udacity offers a 3-month nano degree in business analytics.

4. edX – How To Start A Business

MIT professor Martin Culpepper & Laurie Stach, previously of MIT, who is the creator & executive director of LaunchX, which supports young people to build and launch their company ideas, are among the lecturers for this course, which was created in collaboration with MIT. Stach, in particular, is a lively and engaging speaker who adds humor to her presentations and thoroughly explains subjects.

The experts will take you from the beginning of your business to the end, teaching you how to comprehend and read your clients as well as how to test your items. You’ll learn about entrepreneurship’s biggest myths, setting goals, spotting company opportunities, & pitching and selling to clients.

5.  Thinkific – Build A Course From The Ground Up 

Creating your first online course can be intimidating. How many lessons do you think you should include? What’s the best place to put assignments and quizzes? What more types of files should you add? With its straightforward and ready-to-use templates, Thinkific takes the uncertainty out of course building.

On Thinkific, there are two aspects to creating a course: course material and landing page. Choose from the pre-sell, flagship course, mini-course, membership and webinar replay, and resource library templates to get started.


The top online course platforms make it simple to design, market and sell courses. With any of these online course builders, this is achievable. We looked at dozens of courses to determine the best ones that provide the best return on your learning expenditure.