How to become a highly paid freelancer is the dream of every freelancer because it is the only way to realize the dream of these valuable workers. While many freelancers have achieved this goal, many more are still trying to figure out how to earn six figures from it. If you are in this group, how can you join the select freelancers who get paid top dollar?

Broadly speaking, you need two major factors to be in place for you to succeed as a highly paid freelancer. One, you need to be highly skilled in your chosen freelancing field. This means that you have to build on the knowledge you already have and continue improving on it.

The second pillar of freelancing success is that you need clients. These are not just any clients but enough of those who are ready to pay you well for your efforts.  Achieving these two factors requires a combination of events that include the following.

Don’t be everything to everyone

You cannot just take every freelance job that comes your way. You must operate in a certain tight area where your expertise will shine through. This is called choosing a niche. A niche allows you to focus your energy on an area that people will associate with you and see you as an expert. As in other fields, experts are paid highly in comparison to general workers.

Be the go-to person in your niche

Become an important freelancer industry player in your field by going beyond doing projects for clients. Develop online content that help visitors to your website or blog. These can include free and paid online courses or eBooks. Podcasts are another way of doing this. Down the line, speaking engagements or organizing workshops will put your credibility at a much higher level. This comes with high freelancing earnings for you.

Let your freelancing portfolio promote you

Develop a quality portfolio that achieves the following:

  • Indicates your identity
  • Tells the potential client what your skills are
  • Briefly tells about your achievements
  • Informs clients how you can be reached. This can be by phone or email.

Such a portfolio will help to presell your services to the potential client who will come with a ‘ready-to hire’ outlook.

Set your price

One of the major hurdles new freelancers have to overcome is how they price their services. More often than not freelancers charge below what they are worth. If your work is exemplary, then you should charge enough to sustain your dream freelancers’ lifestyle.

Avoid misunderstanding

Be very clear on what your services include and where necessary to mention what is not included in your service package. In his way there will be no misunderstanding between you and your clients. It is an important way of being identified with specific areas of your niche. You become a brand while at the same time; this approach helps you to move towards your freelancing goals.


Use your existing clients, friends and other contacts to promote your services. Ask for references to those who may need freelance support with their jobs. Guest blog to expand your reach and also accept relevant influencers to be guests on your blog. This way your network will expand and your value as a freelancer will grow exponentially.

How to become a highly paid freelancer is a process but the rewards are worth starting the journey.