WhatsApp the social messaging media is the world fastest growing communication channel now, and billions of people in the world are regularly active on this media. Through WhatsApp people can not only send a message but can also send millions of images and videos per day. WhatsApp is becoming more popular than Facebook in India. Now you can influence your social network by offering products for sell on WhatsApp. WhatsApp media helps you to sell your product on it with high profit and low expenses. WhatsApp is the best option for homemakers who sell a product like clothing jewellery, and the gift by sharing on different groups and collect your amount online. Here you get information regarding how to tap that person and sell via WhatsApp.

Instead of phone calls, you do follow up on WhatsApp, and it gives more than 40% response. Nowadays people do not appreciate phone calls from unknown numbers, but when you start WhatsApp for customer communications, you will see the better response and engagement. You can also give better information regarding your product and services on WhatsApp. Find freelancers who guide you how to sell on WhatsApp.

Create Sales inquiries on WhatsApp:

Before you create sales inquiries on WhatsApp, you should have your business number separately. It creates a great impact on your business. WhatsApp greatly helps for marketing of your products and business free of cost. Share your numbers in all marketing Community so that people reach out to you and know about your product and ask a question regarding your product.

Connect with different business Groups:

By connecting with different business groups, you double your business sales. There are a lot of business groups available on WhatsApp where you sell your product and also connect with different business people so that they also know about your product. This business groups also help for lead generation. Suppose you have a question regarding how to connect with that groups then follow following strategy. You can hire freelancers online in any sector you required.

  • You can connect with different groups by asking the associate seller friends; there is the chance that they might be connecting with different WhatsApp business groups.
  • You can search on Facebook for a different business group where seller interrelates with each other, and there are higher chances that they also have WhatsApp group for same.
  • Now WhatsApp also provides the site such as https://WhatsAppgroup.com on this site you can find different groups you can choose according to your interest and follow instruction and connect with that group.
  • The best way is that you can create your own WhatsApp group and add interested business people and let it spread by making your initial members admin.

Collect your Payment Through different WhatsApp groups:

The Instamojo is the best way to collect your payment on WhatsApp without facing any difficulty. Share your product on WhatsApp which you want to sell and people will pay via Instamojo. Customer finds it easy to pay using the Instamojo. You can login on Instamojo freely, and you don’t have any monthly charges or setup fee. You have to pay when you sell any product on Instamojo and will charge only 2% + Rs3 per transaction. If you sell a product of 1000 Rs, you have to pay only 997.

When you sign up on Instamajo, you don’t require any the complicated document. You need to send PAN card and bank account details. Create payment link which has information regarding your product you are selling and create multiple payment links for multiple products. When you are sharing products in WhatsApp chat, share the product payment link so your customer can proceed with the payment.  You can find freelancers who guide you how to sell on WhatsApp and other social media site.

.Support is the New Sales with WhatsApp:

You will accept sales inquiries on WhatsApp and people will place the order there itself by paying instantly. Once you sell the product, it is a good way to stay in touch with them and ask them do they have any requirement regarding other product. Creating a relationship with customers on WhatsApp helps to keep your brand name fresh in their mind, and this will make a repeat purchase.

WhatsApp is the excellent way for marketing in all your communication channels. WhatsApp is the key to connect to different customers. You can also sell your product on other social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. Hire freelancers who guide you how to sell on WhatsApp.


There are many social media platform available such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram where you can do your business. In this article, you get information regarding how to sell on WhatsApp? Nowadays it is the best way to do your product marketing on WhatsApp, and it will help you better to generate lead regarding your product and services.

Kitty Gupta