Freelance writers have been in the market for as long as one can remember and let’s face it, it is one of the best things that have happened in the writing industry. Because of freelance writers, students and businesses can avail professional article writing help from any part of the world.  So, whether you are selling paint online or you need help with your journalism class article, freelance writers have you covered.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg on why freelance writers should be hired. When it comes to comparing freelance writers with full-time employees, there is a lot that comes into play. For starters, freelance writers have a fresher perspective on things. Unlike full-time writers, freelance content writers work according to their own timetables. They are not overburdened by the tedious 9 to 5 working routine. They are their own bosses and therefore, because of this flexibility, freelancers offer the best results.

Freelance or full-time writers?

Now, we are not saying that full-time employees or writers are not good at their job. They are experts of their field and get the most out of the working environment as well. However, when it comes to analyzing the efficiency of the two, freelancers are ahead on the curve because of how they get to do things on their own, at their own leisure.

Another advantage freelance writers hold over full time writers is that they are inspired to do more. You have to do all the homework yourself, your growth lies in your hands and building your portfolio and credibility is up to you. This makes freelancers motivated to achieve and do more with the passage of time. And not to forget, the fact that they do not have a fixed salary (compared to full time writers), they are hungry and inspired to do more. Full time writers have fixed salary which they receive at a fixed time of the month. For freelancers, this is not the case. Their income varies and so does the time they get paid. This most of the times inspires them to remain motivated and continue doing more. Of course, who does not want a healthy income, right?

While we talked about working at any time of the day, let’s talk about the flexibility of working from anywhere. You have a match on TV that you want to watch while simultaneously completing your work? It can be easily managed by freelancers. Again, without compromising the productivity of the writer, they remain more efficient because they have a free mindset. By being their own boss, they know they cannot risk it. This, in fact, makes them more responsible because at the end of day, freelancing gigs can be difficult to land and they do not want to lose their clients. Freelancers can start their work whenever and wherever they want to. Want to do early morning yoga first before turning on the laptop? Yep, do that!

Freelancers get to experiment a lot. Unlike full time writers, they do not limit themselves because no one tells them to. As a full time writer, you would always have someone else on the team responsible for a different niche, or perhaps your boss does not want you to cover a certain niche or a topic. As a freelancer, you have more room to experiment and learn. You have more room to make mistakes and learn without someone scolding you or threatening that you might lose the job because of the blunders. So, if you are thinking of hiring a freelance writer who wants to learn more, you can definitely do that as compared to hiring a full time writer.


Freelancers are raw talent. They have put in the hard work themselves, they are inspired to do more and more. They are responsible and sometimes juggling different things at the same time. Therefore, they present themselves more seriously and accountable for the work that is given to them. Again, this does not make full time writers any less-experienced or credible. But in comparison, freelancers can be the answers to your business and academic needs that you are looking for. You won’t regret hiring freelance writers!