Many freelancers aim at achieving financial freedom through their freelancing endeavor. It however, soon dawns on them that freelancing jobs can be erratic and unreliable. There are times of plenty and times of few and widely spaced jobs. How can a freelance worker maintain a steady stream of income?

  1. Freelance in what you know best

Let’s take freelance writing as an example. Almost anyone can do some basic internet research about any topic and come up with a passable article on the subject.  However, research in addition to professional knowledge will most likely show through your finished product.  Creating great content will help you have a list of clients who will come for repeat services. This is an important part of having a steady freelance income.

  1. Adjust according to your strengths and perceived weaknesses

There is a market for every type of people’s needs. Do not be a generalist in your freelance service. Let your clients understand that you are the best in a certain field. Cater for that specific market and you will have a steady number of clients to keep your income steady.

  1. Advertise, advertise and advertise some more

Marketing is a great way of having a steady source of freelance income. It is better to have more clients than you can handle. You would rather have clients waiting for an opening in your schedule than to live worriedly for not knowing where our next rent will come from.

Advertising need not be an expensive affair. You can promote your freelance services through the most appropriate social media, newsletters, word of mouth, email lists, flyers or brochures. Today, it is almost mandatory to have a web presence through a blog or website. It is a great way of keeping your present clients updated and your potential clients knowing to who they will go to when they need the services you offer.

A website or a blog is a great way of displaying your expertise and answering your readers’ (clients) questions. It is through your website or blog that your satisfied customers can give testimonials and therefore prepare more clients on your behalf.

  1. Patience pays

This may sound like a cliché but every freelancer who desires a steady source of income from her job should heed this concept. Building a list of reliable clients can take time. Some clients will be hard to deal with and some will be out-rightly unreasonable. Develop skills of how to interact with the various types of clients and this will help you get along with many of them without compromising your values and sanity.  This results in a steady freelance income.

As you patiently move forwards, be consistent in the quality of your service and keep asking yourself on the best way to improve on your skills.

  1. Invest your income

Make sure you wisely invest your freelance income. Such investments are a reliable source of passive income during the dry freelancing months or when you cannot offer your services for whatever reason

  1. Network

Connect with other like-minded persons and see them as aids to your success rather than competitors to be beaten. A good way of doing this is making useful comments on their blogs or websites. Offer to guest blog-post and invite others to post on your blog. This widens your reach and helps you to cast your net for clients wider.