The programmers are considered to be the nerdiest people in the world. And the nerds are always the subjects of jokes. However, there are always certain jokes that only programmers can understand because they are somewhat technical in context. Unless you have a certain idea of the subject of the joke beforehand, you will not find it funny. If you are a programmer, the following is the list of 11 jokes that will make you laugh out loud.

  1. The Classic Glass and Water Joke Renewed 

We all have heard of the glass and water joke cum dilemma where both perspectives are right that the glass is half empty and half filled. However, the programmers see it differently, and this is what makes them nerdy. Instead of opting for any of the two, they say that when the half the size of the glass can hold the entire water volume, what is the need for such a large glass which is twice than necessary!

  1. Wife and Programmer Husband Language 

One of the disadvantages of marrying a programmer is that the wife needs to learn a few coding languages to make the programmer understand the daily instruction. For example, for a programmer, the counting starts from 0 instead of 1 as they are used to such in iterations. Similarly, when you say 10, they understand it as 2 due to binary conversion.

  1. The Inception Joke

We see in Inception where it is said that one should never make projections of the real world’s construction, it can be harmful. The situation is the same for programmers who copy paste codes instead of writing clear code with functions and calling them wherever necessary instead of copy and pasting.

  1. How To Be Rich?

There are two ways to get rich – first, you earn money yourself, or you can inherit it from your parents. The programmers make it easy for you if you want it the object-oriented way. Inheritance is one of the most popular concepts in OOP.

  1. The Unique Way Of Differentiation 

Programmers always have innovative ways to differentiate things, and these ways are very different and rather quite weird in comparison to the traditional ways. We all know the bad relation of HTML and Internet Explorer, and even with the advancement of technology, IE finds it difficult to run HTML5 smoothly and hence, the joke falls in place. What a dig at Microsoft?

  1. Things Are Always Complicated

This is a typical scenario every programmer has to face almost every time they correct an error and compile. Instead of the number of bugs going down, they keep on increasing. Well, there is hope as sometimes, solving one error can remove all the errors that you see after compilation. But you should not be too hopeful!

  1. Taking Frustration Out

When things do not go as expected, humans become violent by nature. At least, the programmers take the frustration out on inanimate objects, and the closest one they can get is the hardware items. Well, the keyboard and the mouse are the ones who get tortured the most.

  1. Quitting Job 

Programmers like to talk in the terms they use every day, and if you are not witty enough to decode the wordplay, you can be confused as all hell. Arrays mean a raise, C# means see sharp, [hip-hip] means hip hip hurray and there are so many of them.

  1. Programmers’ Ciphers 

The algorithm is the language of the programmers and understanding an algorithm written by a programmer needs more than enough knowledge. If there is something they do not want to explain in layman’s terms, they opt for the algorithm to freeze the brain of the listeners. Trying to decode can take you a lifetime!

  1. Talking In Shortcuts 

There are two things programmers always do out of their habit as well as their needs. They are saving the program all the time and seeking help whenever they get stuck. They are so much used to using shortcuts that even in an emergency, they cannot help but use the shortcuts to express help with F1 and Save with Ctrl+S. You better learn the shortcuts if you are dating a programmer!

  1. The Two Types of Programmers 

In the programming community, it is believed that there are only two types of programmers in the world that can be broadly classified. It is a common known fact that there are some who like to put the curly bracket immediately after the end of if statement in the same line. However, there is another category who love symmetry and put the curly bracket the next line so that they can match it well when they use the closing bracket. Which one of them are you?

If you have more such jokes that only programmers will find funny, do share them in the comments.